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TELE-satellit News, 12 July 1996

Satellite Reception On The Move
  ESCONDIDO, California, USA, 96/07/12 (TS) -- Datron Systems has announced
it will begin delivery in late July of its DBS-4000 in-motion satellite
television reception system. The DBS-4000 features a special tracking
antenna that remains locked onto the digital satellite signal while the
vehicle it is installed in is moving.

  Housed within a 14.5-inch high enclosure to shield it from the wind, the
antenna aligns itself to receive Digital Satellite System signals from
anywhere in the continental United States.  Mobile users will be able to
enjoy up to 200 channels of digital TV and CD-quality music offered by
DirecTV and USSB while they are traveling to their destination.

  Datron will sell the DBS-4000 to the recreational vehicle and long- haul
truck markets through a network of national distributors. These disributors
have placed orders for the DBS-4000 totaling in excess of $3.1 million.
Deliveries will begin in late July.

  David A. Derby, president and chief executive officer of Datron Systems,
commented on the DBS-4000 introduction, "In November 1995, we introduced our
first satellite television reception system for the mobile user, the
DBS-3000(TM).  That product, which brings DSS television to stationary
vehicles with a touch of a button, is already serving several thousand
satisfied customers. We are pleased to now introduce a system that permits
mobile users to receive the same quality programming while the vehicle is
under way."

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