TS News - Hungary To Begin Satellite Broadcasts In August

TELE-satellit News, 10 July 1996

Hungary To Begin Satellite Broadcasts In August
  BUDAPEST, Hungary, 96/07/10 (TS) -- The Hungarian Broadcasting Corporation
(HBC) has announced it will begin satellite broadcasts in August with
Nethold, the Dutch based digital TV package. HBC will relay its new A3
channel over satellite.

  The contract provides that the A3 TV signal will be broadcast via the new
Hotbird 2, scheduled for launched in September. In the interim period
between August and September 1996, A3 TV will be broadcast via satellite to
cable on Astra.

  With Hotbird 2, A3 TV will increase its technical reach from 30% to a 100%
of Hungarian TV households, said the HBC.  A3 will be contracting with both
cable operators and individual direct to home (DTH) satellite users to
achieve a 70% real penetration by the end of 1997.  A3's expanded reach also
gives the station the opportunity to reach Hungarian minorities in
surrounding areas with its Hungarian language programming.

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