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TELE-satellit News, 9 July 1996

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Headlines today:
CCTV Begins On Asiasat-2
RTL Closes Swiss Analog Service
Eutelsat Hot Bird 2 Information
Olympic Feeds To Brazil Revealed

ASIASAT 2, 100.6E
- China's boom province Guangdong yesterday started transmitting TV and
radio programs via satellite, reported Chinese news agency Xinhua. Locally
produced programs will be beamed to 53 countries around the globe via
Asiasat 2. Programming will be in both Chinese and English. The number of
potential listeners and viewers is estimated at some two billion. The new
ground station at Panyu City, Guangdong Province, was taken into service
yesterday, Xinhua said. (Peter Klanowski)

- An update to a news item yesterday. According to Peter Klanowski, the new
Japanese Asia service, named Japanese Entertainment Television, will be
carried on PAS-2. Interestingly, there was a ten minute feature on digital
TV on last night's "News 23", the main evening news show on TBS network in
Japan, but they failed to mention the new service announced yesterday. TBS
will be a major program supplier.

- The Swiss version of RTL television is no longer available on channel
11.550 Ghz v. The signal is now in MPEG 2 for the cable-operators in
Switzerland. (Stefan Hagedorn)

HOT BIRD 2, 13.0E
- According Marcello Berengo Gardin, "Giuliano Berretta, chairman of
Eutelsat, told me during the Eurosatellite conference (Eurosatellite is a
training school for technican and dish installers) that Hot Bird 2 will not
be launched in september. Eutelsat will ship the satellite to USA only at
the end of september, for a launch window in the third week of October. The
only good new is that, once launched, the satellite will need only 4 weeks
of in orbit test, before the final operational stage." (Stefan Hagedorn)

INTELSAT 512, 21.5W
- According to a US post by <ClassicSax@aol.com>, the following feeds have
been noted on this inclined bird's South American beam. They indicate the
Olympics games paths from Atlanta to Brazil.
  3.7215/lhc  Rede Bandeirantes from Atlanta 000 to Brasil
  3.9950/lhc  BRAT05-SBT from Atlanta 000 to Brasil
  4.0950/lhc  TV Globo-Rio from Atlanta 000 to Brasil

ORION 1, 37.5W
- Between 1pm and 4pm every Sunday you can find the US C-Span on transponder
12.686 Ghz h. (Stefan Hagedorn)

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