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TELE-satellit News, 5 July 1996

Transponder News 96/07/05

Mongolia Starts on Asiasat 2
RTL Swiss To Cease On DFS 2
More Blackouts on DFS 1
Programming News For Amos
Bloomberg Business TV on Telecom 2B Soon

After our report yesterday that a suspected Mongolian channel would begin on
Asiasat 2 we received these reports,
Christian Lyngemark (lynge@academy.bastad.se) emailed, "0n 2 July, 09.00 UTC
(18.00 Mongolian time), Mongolian TV started on Asiasat 2: 3,680 H."
Howard Small (hmsmall@ibm.net) in Australia emailed, "It is a Mongolian
channel. I was watching it last night here in Melbourne. It has now gone
from test pattern to actual shows - last night our time it appeared to be
some sort of news presentation and it had cyrillic subtitles on a fair bit
of the transmission."

INTELSAT 703, 57.0W
A lot of testing could be watched today at 11.542 GHz h. Until 0515 UTC,
Kazakh TV was on air. Tests continued until the afternoon when Kazakh TV
finally reappeared. It was switched off again at 1715 UTC. (Norbert Schlammer)

According to an insert at 11.549 GHz v, the Swiss version of German
commercial channel RTL will cease transmissions on this satellite next
Sunday. (Norbert Schlammer)

Another blackout for arte and Nickelodeon Germany: for few hours I noted
testcards by Deutsche Telekom only for 11.675 Ghz h and 11.550 Ghz v. The
same for ASTRA-channel 10.714 Ghz h (it's the place for Nickelodeon).
According Holger Zeissler, the reason for the long interruption for
Nickelodeon was a technical problem by the uplink in the earthstation. arte
was interupted also on the last tuesday. And I think, it's the same reason.
Teletext was also unavailable. (Stefan Hagedorn)

HOTBIRD 2, 13.0E
In an announcement, Eutelsat is publishing the latest facts about the new
satellite Hot Bird 2. It will carry digital as well as analogue services. A
official statement said "At Eutelsat, the customers decide which system they
use". The start for Hot Bird 2 is probably in the middle of september 1996,
location 13 degrees E. You can receive four analogue transponders with any
kind of  equipment. The exactly frequencies and numbers, currency without
owner, are: Transponder 50 - 11,728 Ghz v; Transponder 51 - 11,747 Ghz h;
Transponder 52 - 11,766 Ghz v; Transponder 53 - 11,785 Ghz h. (Stefan Hagedorn)

According to Petr Hora, Viva II now carries a teletext service. (Norbert
Bill (100420.203@compuserve.com) emailed, "There appears to be something
wrong with the BBC World transponder on Eutelsat 13 degrees East. The
picture quality deteriorated (via my South Wales located 80cm dish) a couple
of weeks ago.  I finally faxed BBC Worldwide TV.  They were very helpful and
rang back.  They said that they had had several other reports and would
check it out. A couple of day later they got back to me and reported that
there was a fault on the Satellite. The last time I looked, things were no
better." Interesting that they helped when UK viewers are officially not
supposed to watch BBC World - Ed.

BHT from Bosnia-Herzegovina seems to have left EUTELSAT II-F3. Today, the
channel appeared at 11.575 GHz v on this satellite. As on EUTELSAT II-F3,
BHT uses the sound subcarrier 7.02 MHz. Strangely, an Switzerland address
is given for feedback. (Norbert Schlammer)

AMOS 1, 4.0W
According to Karl-Michael Gierich, the Central European Beam of the
satellite will be used to transmit a Czech and a Polish channel.  A
spokeswoman for Israel Aircraft Industries couldn't give a date for the
launch of transmissions. She reacted quite enthusiastically, however, when
she heard that the satellite could perfectly be received with 90 cm (3
ft,) dishes even in Germany, which is not within the targeted area. (Norbert
At first around 10 pm. I found a test-signal by first israeli tv- and
communication satellite on 11.305 Ghz h. It was the popular testcard without
sound. By the way, I received many numbers of reports to the reception in
Europe. According Tarik Djonglaic (Bosnia-Herzegovina), signal comes with a
125 cm dish very good. In the UK, exactly Oxford, comes the signal very weak
(with a 80 cm-dish). That's told me Jonathan Harrold - thanks for all
reports! (Stefan Hagedorn)

Weather channel La Chaine Meteo is now on the french Canal Satellite
Numerique package via Astra in MPEG 2. The analogue service ceased in the
last week. According Holger Zeissler, a special french issue of financial-
and business TV Bloomberg Financial TV (currency free in the Viacom
digital-package) will replace it soon. Frequency: 12.648 Ghz v (TMC Monte
Carlo comes between 9 pm. to 5 am.) (Stefan Hagedorn)

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