TS News - Banned Kurdish TV Station Will Continue

TELE-satellit News, 4 July 1996

Banned Kurdish TV Station Will Continue
  LONDON, England, 96/07/03 (TS) -- Kurdish TV station MED-TV told a news
conference in London that it intends to continue broadcasting. The station
is based, and licenced, in London and had broadcast via a Polish transponder
on Eutelsat 2-F2.

  Director Ilhan Kizilhan explained the Polish government pulled the plug on
the service after political pressure from the Turkish government, laws in
the country prohibit broadcasts in Kurdish.

  The station had built up an audience of around 20 million Kurds according
to the director and he will now be looking for another country to uplink the
programming from but this might not be easy. Portugal, Spain, France and
Germany have all uplinked the service in the past but discontiuned it due to
similar pressure from Turkey.

  The station's name is derived from the original name of the Kurdish
people, the Meds. It is mainly financed by wealthy Kurdish  businessmen
living in Europe.

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