TS News - PanAmSat Gears Up For Record Sports Summer

TELE-satellit News, 2 July 1996

PanAmSat Gears Up For Record Sports Summer
  GREENWICH, Conneticut, USA, 96/07/02 (TS) -- PanAmSat has said it expects
to transmit a record-breaking number of special events broadcasts this
summer over its satellites.  PanAmSat is conducting approximately 500 hours
of part-time transmissions for broadcasters covering top sporting events
around the world, including the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the Canadian
Grand Prix and the Tour de France.

  When the Summer Olympic Games start July 19 in Atlanta, PanAmSat already
will have service agreements for more than 9,000 hours of full-time Olympic
transmissions, plus more than 500 hours of occasional broadcasts. "This
summer, PanAmSat is demonstrating its  unparalleled ability to deliver live
coverage of sporting events for  broadcasters around the world," said
Michael Antonovich, PanAmSat's vice president and general manager, broadcast

  "While June was a tremendous month for PanAmSat's broadcast services
department, the 1996 Summer Olympic Games look to be the biggest single
event in our 12-year history," he continued.

  Among the sporting events being transmitted over PanAmSat's satellites:

  1996 Wimbledon tennis tournament.
  Home Box Office is relaying coverage over PanAmSat's PAS-1 Atlantic Ocean
Region satellite from London to HBO's communications facility in New York,
while RTL is transmitting over the PAS-3 Atlantic Ocean Region satellite
from London to Cologne, Germany. In addition, NHK is providing full-time
coverage over the PAS-4 Indian Ocean Region satellite from London to Tokyo,
while highlights are being transmitted over PAS-3 to Latin America for TWI.

  1996 Canadian Grand Prix auto races,
  Transmitted over PAS-3 from Montreal to Germany for RTL.

  Euro 96 soccer games,
  transmitted over PAS-3 from the United Kingdom to Cologne for RTL, and
from Spain to Latin America for OTI members.

  NBA basketball finals,
  Transmitted over PAS-3 from the United States to Latin America for TV
Bandeirantes, TV Azteca and Artear and over the PAS-2 Pacific Ocean Region
satellite to China for CCTV.

  Other events include the 1996 Stanley Cup hockey finals over PAS-1 from
the United States to Germany for Premiere. ESPN coverage of the Tour de
France bicycle races over PAS-1 from France to the United States and
Televisa coverage of the U.S. Soccer Cup over PAS-3 from the United States
to Mexico.

  In addition, PanAmSat already has agreements in place to provide more than
a dozen full-time satellite transmission paths of Olympic coverage,
including the multilateral "world feed" for OTI members in Spain and Latin
America.  PanAmSat will provide occasional services of Olympic coverage for
broadcasters around the world as well. On July 7, PanAmSat will open its
24-hour Olympics broadcast operations facility in Atlanta that will provide
rooftop camera positions, playback and editing services and dedicated fiber
optic links to PanAmSat's teleport facility in Ellenwood, Georgia. 

  The Ellenwood facility provides direct transmissions access to the PAS-1
and PAS-3 satellites. In addition, Ellenwood is linked to PanAmSat's
teleport in Sylmar, California, which accesses the PAS-2 satellite.

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