Dear Readers,

Welcome to the new TS-News. As many of you know, I announced a week ago that
I would be discontinuing TS-News in its previous form, a weekly news letter,
for several reasons.

The new TS-News will be modelled more like a news wire service will
bulletins leaving at various times during the week. This allows me time to
run off articles when I have more time and leaves me an extra 4 hours each
weekend, which was one of the biggest problems with the old version.

I realise not all of you may not like many separate messages each day and we
are working on this. A digest version of the list will be announced within
the next couple of days. This will collect messages and send them out as one
large message once a certain size is reached. We are targetting a size of
around 25k or 30k and this should be set up soon.

You will then have the choice to recieve the digest version or get each
message individually.

I would also like to thank the many people that responded to my last
message. One of the reasons so may of you didn't send news was because we
are you ONLY source of news. I didn't realise this and it gives me more
encouragement to know how valued this service is. I hope you all enjoy the
new version!

It will consist of:

Original news articles from TS staffers and correspondents,
Articles based on edited press releases,
Articles from publications we have reprint agreements with,
Articles from other TS pubications
News from TELE-satellit

We encourage your news, especially if you see news items that have not
already been reported.

My email address, as always, is martyn@twics.com


This piece of news is from ts-news provided by TELE-satellit

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