TELE-satellit At CeBIT

Visit TELE-satellit on CeBIT in Hannover/Germany
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Maybe you haven't heard about the city of Hannover, but they expect more
than 6300 companies from 66 countries to show off their products at this
years CeBIT exhibition. They need 334.000 square metres to give all those
6300 exhibitors a decent space for their products. 

One of the exhibitors is TELE-satellit (the magazine) and TELE-satellit
Online (our Internet activities). You'll find us in hall 26, together with a
lot more satellite related companies, so if you look for satellite equipment
in Hannover you'll stumble upon us anyway.

Most of exhibitors show off their computer products, but there are 740
exhibitors displaying their telecommunications products. Those companies are
crowded together in 5 halls (halls 13, 15, 16, 17 and 26 - the latter is the
one you'll find us, TELE-satellit).

Hall 26 alone counts of 13.500 square metres and has 290 exhibitors. This
hall is divided into a section called "Satellite Business" (where you find
TELE-satellit) with 40 explicitly satellite related companies, plus "Mobile
Communications" for the rest of hall.

If you can't come to Hannover then you might decide to listen to N-joy Radio
via ASTRA. They, as well as news channel ntv (also on ASTRA), transmit live
from the fair.

CeBIT opens its doors on March 14th (a Thursday) and closes on March 20th (a
Wednesday). Our TELE-satellit booth is manned all days with different
TELE-satellit editors and co-workers. 

Come visit us! We got a goodie: Together with companies SATCO DX (the ones
who maintain our worldwide frequency chart) and TBS Internet (those guys who
put us on Internet) we are offering sponsorships for FREE satellite related
web sites. You may discuss directly with our reprentatives about YOU being
on the net for FREE.

Tip: Bring a disk with you to show us what you want to put on the net. It
MUST be related to satellite technology.

For further information about the exhibition and how to come to Hannover go to: 


If you want to exhibit yourself at CeBIT try this one: 


See you in Hannover!
This piece of news is from ts-news provided by TELE-satellit

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