TS News - Now In Russian !

Satellite News in Russian

What can probably be called the first Russian satellite news service has now
been initiated by TELE-satellit, Europe's Satellite Magazine, in
co-operation with SATCO DX. The new service gives the increasing number of
satellite enthusiasts of Russian tongue all the news they need to be up-to-date.

During start phase Russian satellite news mainly consist of translation of
weekly English satellite news service of TELE-satellit, called "ts-news".
This well established service has already grown to more than 1000
subscribers worldwide. "SAT-russ", as the new Russian service is called,
picks out Russia relevant news to be translated and eventually will add its
own news.

The Russian satellite news service is compiled by Serghey Kolosha, resident
of Chelyabinsk, a city already in Asian part of Russia. If you want to read
his news you not only need to know Russian but you also need so-called KOI8
fonts on your computer to display correctly cyrillic letters. KOI8 fonts are
standard amongst Russian Internet services and are freely available.

"Russia is a market of high importance to us" declares Alexander Wiese, head
of operations at TELE-satellit. The magazine is already well established in
Russian territory having its own office in St. Petersburg since 1991.

This new Russian satellite news service can be found at TELE-satellit's Home
Page at http://www.TELE-satellit.com  There, you can not only read online
older issues of that service, but you can also order your subscription right
on the spot. This news service is free.
This piece of news is from ts-news provided by TELE-satellit

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