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Isn't this your dream: to be owner of a tiny little real satellite? No
problem, when you read a story which just has been published by
TELE-satellit, a magazine dedicated to satellite technology. It's editor
Christian Mass, also known as "Dr. Dish", who got a offer for a COSMOS

This was the result of a query he spread around in the industry. He
pretended to be on the lookout for a spy satellite for use with a "poor"
country. All of a sudden an American called him and offered a Russian spy
satellite of the COSMOS series, altogether with starting the thing and
maintaining in-flight control. 

More about this unbelievable story can be found in March issue of
TELE-satellit. This is already the eigth such story about spy satellites the
magazine has published. Next issue (April) covers how to receive spy
satellites with home made equipment.

For further information on TELE-satellit, a glossy full color magazine with
editorial content both in German and English, contact TELE-satellit GB (POB
1124, ASCOT, Berkshire, SL5 0XH, England) or by email at

This piece of news is from ts-news provided by TELE-satellit

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