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International Satellite Broadcasting News
Number 79, Week ending 26 November 1995
By Martyn Williams
News Desk : Internet martyn@twics.com  or CompuServe CIS:martynw
(c) TELE-satellit Magazine

  PARIS, France (TS) -- Tele Communications International (TCI 
International) has formed a new joint venture company in Paris that 
will result in new channels and programming for European, Latin 
American and Japanese cable and satellite viewers.
  The new company, Multithematiques, has been formed by the American 
cable giant, Canal Plus and Generale d'Images.
  For their part, the French companies will contribute their interests 
in local television channels, 70% of Planete, 85% of
Canal Jimmy, 60% of Cine Cinemas and 60% of Cine Cinefil. Canal Plus 
has also added its 50% interest in Spain's Cine Classics.
  TCI will pump over $100 million into the venture over the next two 
years to expand branding of the channels across Europe and worldwide.

  LONDON, England (TS) -- Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is 
planning to make it big in Latin America. The company has announced a 
$1 billion deal with two of the continent's biggest players in the pay 
television business to distribute programming via satellite.
  News Corp. will team with TV Globo, a massive Brazilian media 
company that operates the country's biggest and most watched TV 
network, and Grupo Televisa, the world's biggest producer of Spanish 
language drama and operator of the Galavision channel in Europe.
  The venture could eventually deliver as many as 150 channels in 
digital packets from a new PanAmSat above the continent.

  GREENWICH, Conn. USA, (PANAMSAT) -- PanAmSat has agreed in principle 
to serve as a long-term satellite service provider for the Latin 
America direct-to-home television service announced by News 
Corporation, the Globo Organization, Grupo Televisa S.A., and 
TCInternational Inc.
  Under the agreement in principal, PanAmSat will contribute 48 
transponders on its PAS-3, PAS-5 and PAS-6 satellites, which will 
enable the DTH partnership to transmit hundreds of digital channels to 
subscribers in Latin America and the Caribbean.  
  For most transponders used by the DTH partnership, PanAmSat will 
receive revenue sharing commensurate with DTH subscriber revenues in 
addition to minimum service fees. 
  PanAmSat will also hold the option to become an equity  participant 
in the partnership. "A powerhouse team representing four media giants 
has chosen PanAmSat as a key, long-term satellite service provider for 
DTH in Latin America," said Frederick A. Landman, PanAmSat's president 
and chief executive officer.  
  "This is a remarkable opportunity for PanAmSat, with transponder 
fees and revenue sharing that offer significant upside potential." 
PanAmSat is the first private-sector company to provide global 
satellite services and has over 300 customers worldwide.  
  It currently operates three satellites providing global coverage and 
has three additional satellites under  construction.  The three 
satellites that will be used in part for Latin  America DTH -- PAS-3,
PAS-5, and PAS-6 -- are scheduled for launch in December 1995, early 
1997 and late 1996, respectively.  Beyond the six-satellite system, 
PanAmSat plans to launch two more satellites in 1997, which will 
enable the company to operate at least two satellites in each ocean 
region worldwide. 

By Robert Orttung, OMRI Inc.
  MOSCOW, Russia (OMRI) -- The Duma passed a bill on reorganizing and 
privatizing state television and radio stations on 24 November that 
makes the recent transformation of Ostankino into Russian Public TV 
(ORT) illegal. 
  The bill would require privatization to be conducted according to 
rules established in federal law and all privatizations that took 
place before the rules are established would be overruled, Radio 
Rossii reported. Yeltsin organized the creation of ORT in November 
  It is 51% state owned. On 25 November, ORT reported that Yeltsin had 
already vetoed a similar bill and claimed that, if approved, the law 
would force the closure of NTV and a number of independent regional 

  SOFIA, Bulgaria (TS) -- Bulgaria has applied to join Intelsat, the 
international satellite organisation. The country will be represented 
by the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company and get access to 
Intelsat's global network of satellites and broadcast services.
  The country has been accessing the network via member organisations 
in Greece, Yugoslavia, Romania and Turkey although it will now have 
direct access, possible as soon as a planned uplink station is built.

By Zsofia Szilagyi, OMRI Inc.
  Hungary (OMRI) -- Adam Horvath resigned as president of Hungarian 
Television (MTV) on 20 November, saying he could not stay in his 
current position if the media bill is passed by parliament, Magyar
Hirlap reported. 
  MTV Vice President Ferenc Szekely will run MTV until a new president 
is elected. MTV officials attributed Horvath's resignation to several 
discriminatory provisions in the media bill, primarily the 
restrictions placed on the president's powers during the transitional 
period. The media bill was submitted to the parliament on 17 November 
and is expected to be passed this year.

By Don Fitzpatrick, Shoptalk
  SAN FRANCISCO, California USA (SHOPTALK) -- Entertainment executive 
Barry Diller announced his acquisition of Savoy Pictures Entertainment 
Inc. and a 41% stake in Home Shopping Network Inc.
  To purchase the companies Diller used stock from Silver King 
Communications, which he also acquired this year. 
  Silver King owns a group of 12 TV stations that carry programming 
supplied by HSN. Sources close to the plan said the acquisition will 
give Diller access to about $200 million in cash from the stations, 
which he could keep or sell.  The two transactions combined could 
provide him with the foundation for a new programming network. (Wall 
Street Journal)

By Anna Paretskaya, OMRI Inc.
  MOSCOW, Russia (OMRI) -- Russkaya Radio's broadcasts were 
interrupted at noon on 21 November after 20 men armed with submachine 
guns, some dressed in police uniforms, broke into the studio and 
damaged the transmitter, Russian media reported citing chief producer 
Aleksandr Bunin. 
  A representative of the Interior Ministry department responsible for 
broadcasting said that the transmission was interrupted because the 
station lacked the proper licenses, adding that broadcasting could 
resume as soon as the radio's papers are in order, ITAR-TASS reported.
  Bunin, however, told Public Russian TV that the incident was the 
result of the radio's decision to refuse air time to an unnamed 
extremist right-wing politician.

By Nathan Kopel, International Radio Monitors
  PERTH, Australia (IRM) -- Pas 2 Update, 26th November 1995

- 3895 Vert 6.80 Mhz, At around 03.15 UTC, 23.11.95, NBA Basketball 
(Bulls V Spurs) from Turner Broadcasting Systems (TBS) was noted 
followed by a Test Pattern at approximately 03.40 UTC.
- Transponder useage of transmissions "in the clear" as of 01.00 UTC 
on the 26.11.95 is as follows:

  3967    Vert    6.80 MHz    CNN International
  4112    Hori    6.60        CNBC Asia
  4035    Vert    6.60        NHK Japan
  3995    Vert    6.20        CNN Newsource & Audio, Occas.
  3895    Vert    6.80        Test Pattern:Pas-2 Sylmar,CA.
  3905    Hori    6.20        Test Pattern:Pas-2 Sylmar,CA.

  Any new information regarding transponder useage on Pas 2, or other 
current or new satellites viewable from the eastern states of Aust, 
feel free to Email me at irma@tbsa.com.au  

- Before anyone tells you of a new Japanese channel to begin 
broadcasting on an Eutelsat 2 bird next year you should know the 
rumours are untrue. Despite all the Japanese networks owning a slice 
of the existing JSTV, staff at the station say they know nothing of 
such plans.
- Eutelsat has chosen Arianespace to launch three future satellites. 
The new satellites, which include Hot Bird 4, will use Ariane 4 or 5 
rockets for launch.
- CNN has announced it will launch a Spanish language news channel in 
1997. The network is scheduled to debut on March 1st of that year and 
will essentially be a Spanish language version of CNN International 
targetted at Latin America.
- Eurosport has signed new cable deals with operators in the UK and 
Slovenia. In the UK, the channel will be carried on TeleWest cable to 
365,000 homes while the Solvenia deal adds 100,000 homes. The channel 
now claims to be available in 63.2 million making it Europe's most 
widely available TV channel.

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