Re: Reception in Israel

>> I am very pleased to read your answeras. I must admit you are a real pro.
> I am using now a motorized system of a 1.5m dish. I am possible to receive
>sattelites from 105.5 east to 18 west. With a little help ( if I was able
>to skip the last winter storms,) I could reach 27.5 west. I am very pleased
>with this spectrum and very satisfied with my receiver and its   wounderful
>threshold. Yet the last winter storm damaged my dish(which is located on
>the top of a six stories building)      and the dish was distirted. I
>intend in the summer to upgrade the system: A 3m dish and later to change
>to a digital         receiver. Here in Israel the Sattelite markets is not
>yet developed enough and the digital era still frightens the companies. A
>digital receiver regardless of type is hard to find and costs about 1000 $
>and above. The technicians do not know to rpair it or to learm it. I got
>the Sat-net and hope to cope with latest news. Thanks for your advises and
>I will  intruduce you to my other Sat frinds. Please keep inform if there
>is something interesting that I should know. 
>David Jacob, Israel


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