Re: TS-letter question

>:  Dear Sir / Madam,
>Recently feeling bored at work, I fortunately accidently bumped into your 
very slow (but nevertheless good) web site.  After reading some of your very 
impartial reviews I decided to order a sample copy of your superb magazine.  
Having sent the e-mail (thinking that I'd 
>probably get a some leaflets (after six months if I'm lucky) - I was amazed 
to find a copy of Tele Satellit arrive at my house the very next day (your 
UK based service rep.(?) provides excellent service).  I was even further 
impressed by the quality of the material and contents in your
>magazine.  The channel listings are excellent and very comprehensive.  In 
the UK there aren't that many Sat Magazine's, but Tele Satellit is the best 
magazine I've come across so far.  Your reviews are very impartial and well 
laid out.  Finally, keep up the good work and Tele Satellit is a must for 
all enthusiasts (or professionals)!
>P.S. (Unfortuantely my German is very weak - so more English please!)
>S. Miah

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