Re: Dr. Dish On Kopernikus?

>As I got a satellite dish for a couple of weeks and follow the newsservice
>of Tele-Satellit (Great Newsservice!)
>I understood that Tele-Satellite and Dr. Dish also have a programme regurlalry
>on Satellite...
>Could you give me the exact frequency, and times when you broadcast it???
>I look forward to see the programme (Isn't it somewhere on Kopernikus 28.5
>Thanks in advance...
>David de Jong,
>The Netherlands.

Next live-show of drdish@tv will be on June 14. 1996 at 21:00h c.e.t.
Satellite: DFS-II (KOPERNIKUS-II), 28.5 East, Txp. C2 (11.675 GHz, h), 
sound: 6.65 kHz.

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