Cable & Satellite Exhibition

>>And as a last point I'd like to mention "TeleSatellite" who were
>>handing out free copies of their magazine at the show. What a breath
>>of fresh air this magazine was. In the UK we get regenerated pulp
>>issued as satellite news in our magazines. This contains real
>>"homegrown" satellite news/experiences throughout Europe. Although a
>>German publication Darrell Reed  (amongst others)  does a sterling job
>>of translation - so all in the UK should subscribe ( in my opinion).
>>I've often seen Telesatellite news posted on sat. newsgroups but have
>>ignored it owing to my poor knowledge of the german language. In the
>>past I've watched "Dr. Dish " on Eutelsat 13deg East and have always
>>enjoyed it - unfortunately I don't have access to Kopernikus to follow
>>the latest broadcasts. So any chance of a switch back to Eutelsat 13
>>deg. ??? Please!!
>> Steve
We would like to move to EUTELSAT IIF1, but all transponders are gone and it 
would be too expensive. And we donīt want to be a pay-tv channel.

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