Newcastle United Live

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the e-mail, where you ask:
>When the Newcastle United Football club is playing,
>somewhere in the UK, there are only 2 places in Newcastle,
>where they show these matches.
>Q: How do they receive this and is it possible for me as a publican
>to receive these matches?
We say:
I am a rugby union fan myself, and know less than zilch about soccer.
However, if I were interested in live broadcasts of their matches, I would
fire off a missive to the club and ask them directly. I am sure they will
help, and like all modern top clubs they probably operate their own
internet/web site. For what it is worth, I heard a report last week that
Man' United (no offence intended) are planning to operate their own TV
station. How about Newcastle?
Sorry I can't be of more assistance. Good hunting,
Merve Iles 

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