TV Channels in Germany

Hi Dominic,
You ask:

>Welche Fernsehenkanäle gibt's bei den VHF/UHF Bänden in Deutschland?
>Ich weiß es gibt ARD, ZDF und die regionalen Kanäle (zB, Südwest 3,
>Hessen 3, usw).
>Könnten Sie mir die ganze Liste von Kanälen geben, mit teletext,
>Internetseiten, und Sendungsstunden?
We say:
It sounds like you are interested in the terrestrial channels in Germany,
most of which are also transmitted via satellite, with the exception of
such local channels as TV Muenchen. Whilst we don't have listings of
terrestrial channels, we have the most comprehensive global sat frequency
charts around, in which most of the info you requested can be found. It
would take me for ever to list them all here, so why not get yourself the
latest copy of TELE-satellite International, available at your local
newsagent -even in UK, or from Chris Williams on chris@satcodx.com?
Best regards,
Merve Iles 

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