Subscription Problems

Hi Sven,
Many thanks for the e-mail in which you say:

> August 22, 1996 I payed 120 DM via postal giro for the following year  
> Tele satellite. Later the same day I received Tele Satellite issue 9-10
> which informed me that the price now was reduced to DM 108, and I would
> only receive a magazine every second month. It was not the first time You
> reduced the number of issues, but it was the first time you both took
> payment and reduced the number of issues thoug the price was reduced. You
> owe me money. I dont want to buy any more magazines of Tele satellite
> You. I am very disappointed. You can forget all about the rechnungsbetrag
> You have sent me. Sven H
We say:
We completely understand your criticism and offer our sympathy for your
disappoinment. Your e-mail will be passed to our subscription department
for action.  May I, however, just add a few lines to explain the background
to the problem you have flagged up. At the time that you took out your
subscription to T-S, we were agonising over some pretty weighty strategic
decisions here in TELE-satellite. We had virtually saturated our home
market here in Germany and had need to increase our circulation still
further. This meant, either increasing our share of our current market,
expanding our activities to address new geographical markets or expanding
our coverage to attack hitherto (for us) unaddressed synergistic market
segments, e.g. Internet, VCR, TV programming, etc. A fourth option, would,
of course, include any combination of the afore-mentioned three. For one
reason or another we elected to go for option 3, i.e. expand world-wide. To
achieve this objective it was necessary to publish everything in English,
but at the same time protecting our loyal readership that had been largely
German speaking. Moreover we had to increase the international appeal of
our product to attract an overseas readership. These two sub-objectives
could only be achieved by changing our publication from a monthly to a two
monthly one. The logistics of printing virtually everything in two
languages and providing the most comprehensive package of up-to-date
information around, both precluded the monthly publication and meant more
than doubling the size of the magazine. The end has justified the means,
and we are proud that in the last year of operation we have increased our
circulation by more than 40%,most of which comes from overseas. On the down
side, we have upset some of our valuable subscribers like yourself, and,
with 20:20 hind-sight we should have better informed you at the time of
change. Do please therefore Sven, accept my humble appologies on behalf of
TELE-satellite International and rest assured we will make suitable
Assuring you of our best attention at all times,
Best regards,
Merve Iles.

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