The Global DTH Scene

Hi Mike,

You say
>I really appreciate the satellite news and have subscribed to many of the
>newsletters that tele-satellite.com houses.  I have a specific need for
>background information on digital DTH efforts around the globe, active and
>planned, for inclusion in a larger report of which I am part author.  I
>the north and south american scene pretty well but need help with other

>of the world.  Can you help?  The information I need is as follows:  1. 
>major players in each country and competitors  2.  the name of the service
> 3.  primary country to be served  4.  location of the uplinking, digital
>operation centers  5.  date (planned) launched  6.  estimate of
>if up and running.  I have looked at all of the newsletters and got a lot
>spotty information regarding planned efforts.  Possibly if you had a good
>list of this component of my needs you would share it with me?  Or aim me
>the proper direction so I can mine the data myself.  Thanking you in

We say:

Thanks for the nice compliments. You know, you are an ideal TELE-satellite
subscriber candidate. You may ask who or what is TELE-satellite? Well, this
is our bi-monthly, bi-lingual (English/German) satellite special interest
magazine aimed at anyone interested in the manufacture, distribution,
support and use of DTH and SMATV systems, world-wide. It averages more than
200 pages, packed with useful information of the type you are seeking. I
could fill the next 2,000 or 3,000 lines with the info you requested, but
in a couple of months, given the dynamic nature of the sat-scene, it would
be totally out of date. So why not splash out with a few Pounds, Dollars or
D-Marks and ensure that your report is bang up-to-date, you will not regret
it. You can subscribe via Chris Williams, of our international subscription
department. She can be reached on chris@satcodx.com. Good Luck with the
Best regards,
Merve Iles

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