SATCO DX - important news!

There are a lot of internal changes to SATCO DX Satelite Chart
today, 10 September, UTC. Here is a summary:

* SATCO DX - 1.000 days on 10 September!
Coincidence or not, but as SATCO DX is celebrating it's 1.000th
day on the web, there are numerous internal changes, in efforts
to provide a better service and hopefully faster web accesses.

* New SATCO DX URL and server:
SATCO DX Satellite Chart is officially moving to a new server
and URL today, on 10 September, new URL: http://www.satcodx.org/
The old site at http://www.satcodx.com/ will very soon close,
so please update your bookmarks already today!

* New SATCO DX email addresses:
webmaster@satcodx.org  (contributions and general mails)
dx-corner@satcodx.org  (SATCO DX Corner)
satcodx@lyngemark.com  (reserve address, just in case)
The old email addresses at satcodx.com will very soon close,
so please update your address books already today!

* SAD - Satellite Address Directory:
SAD is now located at SATCO DX and will have a closer cooperation
with SATCO DX Satellite Chart, new URL: http://www.satcodx.org/sad/
New email address for address contributions: sad@satcodx.org

* Sat-Logo - Satellite Logotypes/screenshots:
Sat-Logo is a new service, officially starting today, that will
cooperate with SATCO DX Satellite Chart and SAD in providing
screenshots to be listed at SATCO DX and SAD.
URL: http://www.sat-logo.org/
Email address for contributions: webmaster@sat-logo.org

Best Regards,
Christian Lyngemark               SATCO DX Satellite Chart
webmaster@satcodx.org (new)       http://www.satcodx.org/ (new)
webmaster@satcodx.com (old)       http://www.satcodx.com/ (old)

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