SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 24 February - 2 March

SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 24 February - 2 March

This is a summary of last week's updates to the service.
More details are available at http://www.satcodx.com/

During March, the focus will be on all Asian satellites
from 74 East to 180 East (ITU region 3).

The focus in February was on digital channels.
Last week, PIDs for almost ALL SCPC MPEG-2 channels from
63 East to 43 West were added!

=== EUROPE:  http://www.satcodx.com/chart1.shtml
--- Intelsat 602 at 63E:  http://www.satcodx.com/i602.html
RAI package on 11,065 H, MPEG-2

--- Intelsat 703 at 57E:  http://www.satcodx.com/i703.html
CNBC on 3,857 L, MPEG-2

--- Astra:  http://www.satcodx.com/astra.html
Challenge TV has a home page at http://www.challengetv.co.uk/

--- Eutelsat II f3:  http://www.satcodx.com/e2f3.html
TMC (Italy) on 11,051 H, MPEG-2
NTV (Russia) has left 11,575 V

--- Hot Bird 1/2:  http://www.satcodx.com/hotbird.html
Telepiu satellite has a new line-up and new tps
PolSat 2 has started on Hot Bird 1: 11,345 H, PAL

--- Intelsat 707 at 1W:  http://www.satcodx.com/i707.html
TV 2 (Denmark) on 11,056 H, MPEG-2
DR 1 (Denmark) on 11,461 H, MPEG-2

--- TDF 2:  http://www.satcodx.com/tdf2.html
Canal + has left 11,804 R, D2-MAC

--- Hispasat 1A/1B:  http://www.satcodx.com/hispasat.html
Canal Sur has moved from 12,591 to 12,711 V
Cinemania has replaced Cinemania 2 on 12,303 L
HTV on 11,680 H, MPEG-2

--- Intelsat 506 at 31.5W:  http://www.satcodx.com/i506.html
CNBC and MSNBC on 11,137 V, MPEG-2

--- TDRS 4 at 41W:  http://www.satcodx.com/tdrs4.html
MTA International on 3,705 H, MPEG-2

--- PAS 3R:  http://www.satcodx.com/pas3r.html
CCTV package on 4,147 V, MPEG-2

--- PAS 1:  http://www.satcodx.com/pas1.html
PIDs for CBS Multiplex on 11,642 H, MPEG-2
PIDs for ESPN package on 11,678 H, MPEG-2

--- Arabsat 2A:  http://www.satcodx.com/a2a.html
LBC (Lebanon) on 3,977 L, MPEG-2
LBC Sat has a home page at http://www.lbcsat.com.lb/ (new URL)

--- Intelsat 707 at 1W:  http://www.satcodx.com/i707.html
IBA Channel 1/3 (Israel) have left 11,134 V/11,013 V
and are now only receivable on Amos 1.
Egyptian package added on 4,135 L, MPEG-2

=== ASIA:  http://www.satcodx.com/chart3.shtml
--- Intelsat 704 at 66E:  http://www.satcodx.com/i704.html
Vijay TV has left 4,190 R

--- Thaicom 1/2:  http://www.satcodx.com/thaicom.html
Shinawatra, the operator of Thaicom has a
home page at http://www.shinawatra.co.th/

=== NORTH AMERICA:  http://www.satcodx.com/chart2.html
--- Telstar 402R:  http://www.satcodx.com/t402r.html
XXXCite has started on 3,920 V (T4-11), NTSC, VC2+

--- Galaxy 1R:  http://www.satcodx.com/g1r.html
The Outdoor Channel has moved from
Telstar 402R to Galaxy 1R: 4,180 V

=== SOUTH AMERICA:  http://www.satcodx.com/chart2.html
TVN (Chile) has a home page at http://www.tvn.cl/

=== LAUNCHES:  http://www.satcodx.com/launches.html
Intelsat 801 was successfully launched on 1 March,
will probably be located at 64 East.
A footprint map is already available on the Launches page.

Some new/updated launch dates/locations:
970411: Thaicom 3 and BSAT 1A with Ariane V95 (delayed from 9703)
9705:   Telstar 5 at 97 West
9708:   Astra 1G
970819: Echostar 3 at 61.5 West
9709:   Sky 1 with Proton at 110 West
9710:   Astra 2A
9712:   Asiasat 3
98Q1:   Echostar 4 at 148 West
98Q1:   Sky 2 at 110 West
98__:   Galaxy 10 at 123 West
98__:   Sky 3 at 110 West
98Q4:   A Canadian DBS satellite at 91 West
98autumn: Sirius 3 at 5 East

Live launch coverage satellite information is from now on
presented on the Launches page a few days prior to a launch,
to easier now where you should look for launch transmissions!

=== PIDs - for MPEG-2 channels:
Please note that almost all the PIDs are now in the range of
0000-1FFF hex, which is the correct range.
Nokia's d-box normally shows them in the range from 4000 to
5FFF, but you can actually enter any even/odd number instead
of the 0(4) and 1(5).

Best Regards,
Christian Lyngemark       -  webmaster@satcodx.com
SATCO DX Satellite Chart  -  http://www.satcodx.com/

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