SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 2-8 December

SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 2-8 December

This is a summary of last week's updates to the service.
More details can be found at http://www.satcodx.com/ or
by subscribing to the Daily Update mails.

Sogecable digital package has started on Astra 1E: 11,934 V (tp 76), MPEG-2
More details are available on the Astra chart.

QVC Germany on Astra 1D: 10,759 V (tp 52) has teletext
Radio Campanile has started on Astra 1B: 11,523 H (tp 21): 7,74:7,92 MHz

Miracle is on Eutelsat II f3: 11,575 V, Fri/Sat 16-17 UTC

The BBC radio channels have left Hot Bird 1: 11,265 H (EBN tp)
TM 3 has left Eutelsat II f1: 11,638 H

RTL 7 (Poland) has started official service on Hot Bird 1: 11,489 V

Cartoon Network/TNT has started on Intelsat 707: 11,001 V, D2-MAC, clear
Z TV Danmark on TV-Sat 2 and Tele-X has ceased

C-SPAN is on Orion 1: 12,585 V, European beam, few hours per day

Home pages:
NBC Europe at http://www.nbceurope.com/
CNBC Europe at http://www.nbceurope.com/cnbc.htm/
TM 3 at http://www.tm3.de/
TV 10 at http://www.tv10.nl/
APTV at http://www.aptv.org.uk/index.tcl
Cadena Top Radio at http://canari.step.es/top/

BBC World and BBC Prime have moved their home page to

TRT Internatinal has started on Turksat 1C: 10,975 H, Eastern beam

Star Sports has been on Arabsat 1C: 3,811 L, PAL, from 2 to 8 Dec.

Kuwait TV has started on Arabsat 2A: 12,646 H, PAL
Abu Dhabi TV has started on Arabsat 2A: 4,075 R

Orbit Satellite Network digital package on Intelsat 705: Ku band, MPEG-1.5
More details are available on the Intelsat 705 chart at 18 West.

--- ASIA:
STS (CTC) has replaced Kanal 6 (St. Peterburg) on Gorizont 32: 11,525 R

DD 1 - National is on Insat 2C: 4,110 H
Footprint added for Insat 2B

SCTV - Surya Citra TV on Palapa C2 moved from 3,960 H to 4,180 V on 1 Dec.

EWTN is on PAS 2: 3,901 H, MPEG-2

Home pages:
NBC Asia at http://www.nbc.com/nbcasia/nbchome.html
CNBC Asia at http://www.nbc.com/nbcasia/chome.html

GEMS TV has left Spacenet 2: 3,740 V (S2-02)
Cornerstone TV has left Galaxy 6: 3,980 V (G6-14)
Via TV has left Galaxy 7: 4,040 H (G7-17)

TV 69 is on Telstar 402R: 3,860 H (T4-08), encrypted
SportSouth is on GE 1: 3,880 H (tp 9)

SportsChannel Pacific has started on GE 1: 4,020 V (tp 16)

Home pages:
Home Team Sports at http://www.htssports.com/
Allarcom at http://www.itv.ca/allarcom.htm
TFO - TV Francais Ontario at http://www.tvo.org/fr/default.html
TVO - TV Ontario at http://www.tvo.org/eng/default.html
ASN - Atlantic Satellite Network at http://www.asn.ca/

Home page:
Rede Globo TV at http://www.redeglobo.com.br/

Eutelsat promotion videos was seen on Hot Bird 2 at 29,0 East:
11,785 H & 11,843 V, but only on 3 Dec.!
The satellite has now left and is moving towards 13 East.
It's expected to reach 14 East in a few days, and then move to
its final position as 13 East, to start official transmissions
on 20 Dec. You can follow it's current location at the European
chart index.

The recently launched Measat 2 is now located at 148 East.

No news yet about where Arabsat 2B currently is, but it's
expected to be available at SATCO DX in a few days...

All charts are going through a major layout change, page per page.
The satellites with the new layout are marked by a * on the chart
index pages. Almost all satellites on the European chart index
got the new layout last week.

Best Regards,
Christian Lyngemark       -  webmaster@satcodx.com
SATCO DX Satellite Chart  -  http://www.satcodx.com/

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