SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 14-20 October

SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 14-20 October

Here is a summary of last week's updates to the chart.
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Fox Kids on Astra 1A: 11,303 H (tp 7), 07-20 CET
Sky Scottish promo on Astra 1D: 10,862 H (tp 59), Videocrypt 1
The Racing Channel trailer has started on Astra 1D: 10,877 V (tp 60)

VT 4 and Kanal 5 are on Kopernikus 2: 12,5 GHz band, MPEG-2

ThaiWave is back on Eutelsat II f3: 11,163 H, 21-22 CET
NTV has left Eutelsat II f3: 11,575 V

RAI Pico is back on Eutelsat II f4M: 11,080 V, Mon-Fri 10-12 CET

Deutsche Welle TV is on Intelsat 707: 3,911 R, MPEG-2

A TV (Poland) has started on Amos 1: 11,388 H, Hungarian beam

RMF FM is on Hot Bird 1: 11,431 H, 7,02:7,20 MHz,
has a home page at http://www.rmf.pl/

ARTE has home pages at http://www.arte.de/ and http://www.arte.fr/ 

TRT Avrasya on Turksat 1C has left 11,680 H,
and replaced TRT 1 on 11,553 H

ESC has replaced Nile TV Int. on Arabsat 2A: 3,802 R
MBC is now on Arabsat 2A: 12,735 V as well as on C band

BBC World has left PAS 4: 4,040 H

JSC - Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel has a home page
at http://www.almajaz.com/qatar/aljazeera/
This channel is based in Doha, Qatar!
(Jazeera means both island and Algeria in Arabic)

Sudan TV has started on Intelsat 703: 4,010 R

Raj TV has moved from Rimsat G1: 3,675 L to Rimsat G2: 3,725 L

New channels on GE 1: (all in VC2+)
3,820 V: WNBC-TV, New York (NBC)
3,860 V: SportsChannel Chicago,
3,900 V: WJLA-TV, Washington
3,980 V: SportsChannel New England
4,100 V: AFRTS (B-MAC)
4,180 V: WRAL - TV 5, Raleigh (CBS)

FOX News Channel on Galaxy 7: 4,100 V (G7-20), 24h
Venus (Exxtacy) on Telstar 402R: Alphastar package

Europlus left Intelsat K: 11,735 H on 1 September
MSNBC on Galaxy 1R: 3,900 V (G1-10) is now encrypted

EWTN - Eternal Word TV Network has a home page at http://www.ewtn.com/

TV Nacional de Chile has a home page at http://cheops.iusanet.cl/tvn/

Indostar 1 (Indonesia) will be launched either from US in January
or with Ariane in May.

Russian satellites:
9709: Globalstar 1 launch with Delta
9710: Globalstar 2 launch with Delta

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