SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 16-22 September

SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 16-22 September

Here is a summary of last week's updates to the chart.
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The top story this week is the start of several channels on
ARABSAT 2A at 26.0E. All are available in PAL, except Saudi TV.

Here is the current list, with their respective launch dates:
  3,720 R: Sharjah TV (14/9)
  3,823 L: Bahrain TV (15/9)
  3,843 R: CNN International (14/9)
  3,905 L: Sudan TV (14/9)
  3,925 R: Saudi Channel 1 (16/9)
  3,946 L: CFI - Canal France International/MCM Euromusique (14/9)
  3,993 R: Saudi Channel 2 (16/9)
  4,058 L: EDTV - Emirates Dubai TV (14/9)
  4,180 L: Yemen TV (15/9)
 12,620 V: Abu Dhabi TV (15/9)
 12,720 H: ART 4 Movies (16/9)

Saudi Channel 1 and Channel 2 have left Arabsat 1C
Sudan TV has left Arabsat 1DR, but not Intelsat 512
Yemen TV has left Intelsat 707

Arabsat has a home page at http://www.arab.net/arabsat/
Footprints for Arabsat 2A's C band and Ku band beams
are available on the chart.

Granada Sky promo on Astra 1D: 10,847 V (tp 58) and 10,862 H (tp 59)
QVC Germany trailer has started on Astra 1D: 10,759 V (tp 52)

SCT - Satisfaction Club TV is back on Eutelsat II f2: 11,163 H (not 11,575
RDV - Rendez-Vous TV is back on Eutelsat II f3: 10,986 H, D2-MAC, Eurocrypt
RDV - Rendez-Vous TV is also on Gorizont 31: 3,875 R, PAL, Smartcrypt

Deutsche Telekom Foreign package on Kopernikus 3: 12,521 V, MPEG-2
IRDETO Network package on Intelsat 601: 11,135 H, MPEG-2
TPS package has left Eutelsat II f1: 11,055 H
AB Sat is back on Eutelsat II f1: 11,678 H, MPEG-2

TCC Nordic and The Discovery Channel have left Intelsat 601: 11,055 H

The BSkyB channels have own home pages:
  Sky One/Two at http://www.sky.co.uk/one/index.html
  Sky News at http://www.sky.co.uk/news/
  Sky Movies/Movies Gold and The Movie Channel at
  Sky Sports 1/2/3/Gold at http://www.sky.co.uk/sports/center/index.cgi

More home pages:
  TV 3 Sverige at http://www.tv3.se/ (new URL)
  N 3 at http://www.ndrtv.de/
  VT 4 at http://www.riv.be/vt4/
  Super RTL at http://www.cltmulti.com/html/frame_tv/TV/SUPER_RTL.html
  EuroNews at http://www.francetv.fr/html/euronew.html
  RTL 4 at http://www.cltmulti.com/html/frame_tv/TV/RTL4.html
  RTL 5 at http://www.cltmulti.com/html/frame_tv/TV/RTL5.html 
  RTL 9 at http://www.cltmulti.com/html/frame_tv/TV/RTL9.html
  RTL TVi at http://www.cltmulti.com/html/frame_tv/TV/RTL_TVI.html
  Monte Carlo TMC at http://www.ellipse.fr/Web/HTML/tmc_home.html
  Planete at http://www.ellipse.fr/Web/HTML/planete_home.html

Sentech - AstraSat Info on PAS 4: 12,516 V and 12,542 V
Hallmark Entertainment has just started on PAS 4: 12,637 H, PAL

--- ASIA:
Orbita TV and AsiaNet on Ekran 20 at 99,0E: 714/751 MHz (UHF satellite!)
Orbita TV on Gorizont 25: 3,675 R
Azerbadjan TV on Gorizont 27: 3,875 R
UTV Thailand Promo on Thaicom 1/2 has ceased

NHK has started on Spacenet 2: 4,160 H (S2-23)
TVN Theatre 8 has started on Galaxy 3R: 3,860 H (G3-08)

Antenna 1 has moved from Telstar 303 to Telstar 402R: 4,040 H (T4-18)
Prime Sports Showcase has left Galaxy 7: 4,100 V (G7-20)

Antenna 1 has moved from Telstar 303 to Telstar 402R: 4,040 H (T4-18)
The California Channel on Satcom C1 has moved from 4,040 H to 4,060 V
The Babe Channel on Telstar 402R has moved from 3,720 V to 3,760 V (T4-03)

TV Northern Canada on Anik E2: 4,080 H (E2-19) went digital on 15 August
Adam & Eve on Telstar 402R: 4,020 H (T4-16) went digital on 27 August
AIN on Spacenet 3R: 3,740 V (S3-02) has switched to CLI (digital)
NTV - Newfoundland TV on Anik E2: 4,100 V (E2-20) has gone digital

BET on Jazz has a home page at http://www.betnetworks.com/jazz/

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