SATCO DX: new feature - SatTracker!

SATCO DX Satellite Chart has a new feature - SatTracker!

SatTracker is a Java applet which provides the following
information in real time(!) for any satellite on the chart:
+ current satellite location
+ launch date
+ azimuth angle
+ elevation angle
+ satellite latitude (current degree of inclination)

By clicking on the world map, you can set any location you want.
(The default city is Copenhagen, Denmark)

SatTracker can also be used just to see if a satellite is below
the horizon or not.

To access SatTracker, you must have a Java compatible browser.
The applet is executed at the moment you access the different
satellite charts. You don't have to click anywhere else to get it.
If you have any problem to see it, you probably don't have a Java
compatible browser...

The technical data for SatTracker are normally updated every
Sunday night.

Any comments about SatTracker or anything else at SATCO DX Satellite
Chart are very welcome, and can be sent to webmaster@satcodx.com

Some satellite positions, like 19.2E and 13E haven't got this
feature yet, but will have it soon...

Best Regards,
Christian Lyngemark       -  webmaster@satcodx.com
SATCO DX Satellite Chart  -  http://www.satcodx.com/

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