SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 8-14 July

SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 8-14 July

Here is a summary of last week's updates.
More details can be found at http://www.satcodx.com/

It has been a rather busy week where several satellites have been
updated with new TV channels, especially some of the US satellites.

RTL Schweiz has ceased analog transmissions on Kopernikus 2: 11,548 V

RTL West on Kopernikus 2 has moved from 12,725 V to 11,602 V

CFI - Canal France International on TDF 1/2 has moved from 11,958 R to 12,034 R

KDBS, South Korea has left Orion 1: 12,665 V

Test card on Intelsat 603: 11,638 V, PAL

GALS 2 has moved from 71E to 36E and is now co-located with GALS 1

NBC Super Channel on Eutelsat II f1 changed its name to just NBC on 1 July

Cost Cutters Satellite Radio tests on Astra 1D: 10,877 V (tp 60), 7,38 MHz

SR and FEC updates on almost all MPEG channels/packages on
Eutelsat II satellites and Hot Bird 1, plus these new channels:
  SIS (horse racing) on Eutelsat II f3: 12,521 H, MPEG-1
  Number One TV, Turkey on Eutelsat II f3: 12,599 H, MPEG-2
  KRAL, Turkey on Eutelsat II f2: 11,631 V, MPEG-2
  USIA Europe on Eutelsat II f1: 12,567 H, MPEG-2
  SNAI Diretta TV on Eutelsat II f3: 12,577 H, MPEG-2
  Antenna 1 on Eutelsat II f2: 11,024 V, MPEG-2

Channel 6, Israel is/was broadcasting/testing on Intelsat 707: 10,970 V

ESC - Egyptian Satellite Channel on Intelsat 707: 4,135 L
has switched from PAL to MPEG-2

--- ASIA:
EM TV on Rimsat G2: 3,882 L

J Jay TV ceased on Rimsat G2: 3,725 L on 30 June.
The transponder is now "for lease".

Asiasat promo on Asiasat 1: 3,820 V has ceased 

B-MAC channels on Optus B1:
ABC on 12,613 H
SBS on 12,639 H
QSTV on 12,677 H

Updates on JCSAT 2:
High-Tech Shower Int. on 12,343 H
Digital Pero Pero 24 on 12,358 V
Rainbow Channel on 12,403 H
KISS - Kashima Information Satellite System on 12,433 H
Igo Shogi Channel has moved from 12,493 H to 12,568 V
Z-Sky on 12,598 V and Music Bird on 12,628 V

Home pages:
High-Tech Shower Int. at http://www1.meshnet.or.jp/hightech/
Digital Pero Pero 24 at http://www.cri.co.jp/nvc/ComGuide/Sate.html

Satcom C1, Satcom C3, Satcom C4 and Galaxy 1R have been updated
with several new radio and TV channels, both in NTSC and Digicipher.
Please take a look at the chart for current line-ups.

"Serbian TV" on Orion 1: 11,868 H, North American beam
Serbian Satellite TV on Orion 1: 12,665 H, North American beam

Intelsat 709 was launched with Long March on 3 July.
It will be positioned at 131E, 24 C band tps.

* Turksat 1C and Arabsat 2A were launched with Ariane V89 on 9 July.

Turksat 1C has 16 Ku band transponders and will provide additional
services, telecommunications and TV broadcasting, to those currently
being delivered via Turksat 1B. Initially it will be located at 31,3E
for testing, but will be moved to 42E for service. The coverage area
will be from continental Europe to central Asia.

Arabsat 2A has 22 C band and 12 Ku band transponders and will provide
telecommunications and direct broadcast television services for 16 years
to people in all 21 nations of the Arab League. The coverage area will
include Middle East, North Africa and southern Europe.

Revised Ariane launch schedule:
960807 - V90 - Telecom 2D
960910 - V91 - Echostar 2
961015 - V92 - Insat 2D and Measat 2
961114 - V93 - PAS 6 at 43W
961217 - V94 - Thaicom 3 and Nahuel 1

Hot Bird 2 will launch with Atlas on 15 October (delayed)

The Tempo DBS launch with Proton was scheduled for December,
but is now delayed by several weeks.

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