SATCO DX Update - 16 June

SATCO DX Satellite Chart, Updates 10-16 June - 6 months on the web!

It has been a rather busy week, with the addition of several
North American satellites and major refreshments on some Eastern
Asian satellites as well as two more Japanese satellites.
(I advice you to check out these new satellites online for more info.)

13 June: FilmNet 1 started on Intelsat 707: 11,133 V, D2-MAC (note: vertical!)
15 June: Kabel 1 left Eutelsat II f1: 11,055 H
15 June: TV 3 Norge left Astra 1B: 11,671 H (tp 31)
         and has been replaced by a Sky trailer

TV 2, Norway on Tele-X: 12,322 L, MPEG-2
3+, Denmark on Tele-X: 12,600 L, MPEG-2
Qa'em Channel on Eutelsat II f3: 11,163 H, PAL, 08-09 CET

"Iranian Opposition" on Eutelsat II f2: 11,163 H, PAL,
ca 19.30-21.00, will broadcast until 21 June

Digital signals on Astra 1D: 10,862 H (tp 59) since a few days
DF1 - Digitales Fernsehen tests on Astra 1E: 11,798 H (tp 69), MPEG-2
BBC World and 20 DMX radio channels have started on Hot Bird 1: 12,542 V, MPEG-2
Tests by TST1 and TST2 on Hot Bird 1: 11,283 V, MPEG-2

Radio Maria has left Eutelsat II f2: 11,617 V

Home pages:
  InterStar at http://www.medyatext.com/star/index.html
  DR 1 (Denmark) at http://www.dr.dk/dronline.htm

Home pages for AB Sat DStv channels on Hot Bird 1:
  AB Channel 1: http://www.abweb.com/ABC1.html
  Animaux: http://www.abweb.com/anidef.html
  AB Cartoons: http://www.abweb.com/cartdef.html
  Encyclopedia: http://www.abweb.com/cultu.html
  Polar: http://www.abweb.com/Flic.html
  Rire: http://www.abweb.com/RirePG.html
  Musique classique: http://www.abweb.com/musclas.html
  XXL: http://www.abweb.com/XXLPG.html

IRIB TV 4 has started on Intelsat 602: 10,962 V, SECAM
ART is testing different channels on PAS 4: 11,522 H

Amos 1 is testing their Israeli beam at 4W:
Test have been noted on 11,000 V, 11,150 V and 11,173 V

--- ASIA:
Several updates/corrections on PAS 2
Total refreshment on Superbird B1, JCSAT 2

Two more Japanese satellite have been added:
JCSAT 3 at 128E and BS 3B/3N at 110E
Please take a look at these satellite charts for more info.

CCTV 4 on Asiasat 2: 12,470 H, NTSC
Voice of America and Radio Australia on Palapa C1: 3,880 H
CNN Radio News on Palapa C1: 3,980 V: 6,30 MHz
All three BBC World Service radio channels on the southern beam
on Asiasat 1 have ceased

Home pages for TV channels on Superbird 1 and JCSAT 2:
  ch-Yokohama at http://www.meshnet.or.jp/TVK42/
  Family Gekijo at http://www.tfc.co.jp/hiroba/cs_st/family_ch/index.html
  Super Channel at http://www.tfc.co.jp/hiroba/cs_st/super_ch/index.html
  Green Channel at http://www.maff.go.jp/agrinet.html
  Gaora at http://www.iijnet.or.jp/MBS/gaora/gaorae.html
  MTV Japan at http://www.meshnet.or.jp/MTVJAPAN/
  Star Channel at http://www.tfc.co.jp/hiroba/cs_st/star_ch/index.html
  NSN - Nikkei Satellite News at http://www.nikkeivi.co.jp/nsn/
  Space Shower at http://www.express.co.jp/SSTV/
  Sports-i at http://www.sports-i.co.jp/sp/

Addition of more North American satellites:
Telstar 402R at 89W, Telstar 401 at 97W,
Anik E2 at 107,3W, Anik E1 at 111,1W,
Morelos 2 (M2) at 116,8W and Satcom K2 at 81W
Please take a look at the respective charts for channel details

The International Channel on Galaxy 7 (G7): 4,180 V (tp 24), NTSC, VC2+
HSN - Home Shopping Network on Echostar 1: ch 222
Antena Channel on Echostar 1: ch 604 (Greece)

27 radio channels (ch 950-976) have been added to Echostar 1

Home pages:
  The International Channel at http://www.i-channel.com/
  TV Land at http://nick-at-nite.com/
  WGN at http://www.wgntv.com/
  WRAL at http://www.wral-tv.com/
  KPIX at http://www.kpix.com/
  WJLA at http://www.access.digex.net/~wjla/
  KOMO at http://www.komotv.com/
  FOX at http://www.foxnetwork.com/
  PBS at http://www.pbs.org/
  TBS at http://www.tbn.org/
  EWTN at http://www.ewtn.com/
  HBO at http://www.hbo.com/

Intelsat 709 was succesfully launched on 15 June with Ariane V87.
It will be replace Intelsat 515 at 18W.

Turksat 1C and Arabsat 2A launch with Ariane V89 on 9 July (new date)
Arabsat 2B launch with Ariane in October
Sinosat launch with Long March in spring 1997

SATCO DX Satellite Chart has now been on the web for six months!
If you want to see how the service has developed during this time,
you can take a look at the new History section, launched today.

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