SATCO DX Update 960519

SATCO DX Satellite Chart Update 13-19 May.

Two important items have been added to the service this week.

1) Satellite Launches  (more about this last in this mail)
2) TV channels on the Japanese satellites (more under Asia in this mail)

Viasat promo on Sirius: 11,785 R, PAL
Sportkanalen Sweden on Sirius: 12,015 R, D2-MAC, only Saturday/Sundays
Danish 3 +, Sportkanalen and TV G on TV-Sat 2: 11,977 L, D2-MAC
Danish TV 6 on TV-Sat 2: 12,054 L has merged into 3+ and been replaced by a
test card
Ciné Cinémas has left TDF 1/2: 11,881 R
CFI - Canal France Int. is on TDF 1/2: 11,958 R as well as 12,034 R
TV Libya has started on Eutelsat II f3: 11,080 H, PAL, 12-22 CET
SCT - Satisfaction Club TV only broadcasts on Wed-, Fri- and Saturdays
Catalunya Radio and Catalunya Informacio on Hispasat 1A/1B: 12,671 V

Digital TV:
TV 10 on Eutelsat II f3: 11,015 H, MPEG-2, clear
TMF - The Music Factory on Eutelsat II f3: 11,024 H, MPEG-2, clear
Wiszla TV on Eutelsat II f3: 11,060 H, MPEG-2, clear

Telepiú DStv has moved from Eutelsat II f1: 12,542 V to Hot Bird 1: 11,283
V. The former
tp is now used for tests and will be used for news channels in the future.

Home pages:
TV 10 Gold at http://www.xs4all.nl/~radio10/tv10gold.html
TMF - The Music Factory at http://www.tmf.nl/
EBN at http://www.ebn.co.uk/
CNBC Europe at http://www.nbc.com/superchannel/cnbc/cnbc.html 
Duna TV at http://www.hungary.com/dunatv/, includes DUNA-TEXT

MDR Sputnik at http://www.mdr.de/sputnik/index.htm
MDR Kultur at http://www.mdr.de/kultur/index.htm
MDR Info at http://www.mdr.de/mdr_info/index.htm
MDR Life at http://www.mdr.de/life/index.htm
Radio Österreich (Radio Austria) at http://www.telecom.at/orf/rai/gr/gr_home.htm
RTE Radio 1 at http://www.bess.tcd.ie/ireland/rte.htm
Petöfi Radio at http://www.petofi.enet.hu/, includes live radio

Home pages:
SABC 1 at http://www.sabc.co.za/TV/sabc1/index.htm
SABC 2 at http://www.sabc.co.za/TV/sabc2/index.htm
SABC 3 at http://www.sabc.co.za/TV/sabc3/homepage/index.htm

--- ASIA:
A lot of TV channels on these Japanese satellites:
Suberbird B1 at 162E, JC-Sat 1 at 150E and JC-Sat 2 at 154E
(For a complete list, see the chart)

2x2 on Raduga 30: 3,880 R, PAL, nighttime
ESPN Asia on PAS 4 is in MPEG-2 since 15 May, 02.30 UTC (08.00 Indian time)
CNBC Asia on PAS 2 is in B-MAC since 16 May, 07.00 UTC (12.30 Indian time)
Asiasat promo on Asiasat 1: 3,820 V, PAL
NBC Asia/CNBC Asia on Palapa C1: 3,620 H
Beam, polarization and transponder updates on PAS 4

Digital TV:
Deutsche Welle digital package on Asiasat 2: 4,000 H, MPEG-2
Star TV Asian Region digital package on Asiasat 2: 3,700 V, MPEG-2
Star TV digital package on Asiasat 2: 3,740 V and 3,900 V, MPEG-2
Galaxy digital packages on Optus B3: 12,377 H and 12,438 H, MPEG-2
NBC digital package on PAS 2: 4,093 H, MPEG-2

NASA TV on Spacenet 2 (S2): 3,880 H
KPIX has live transmissions at http://www.kpix.com/bin/watch5/
WRN and WRN 2 on Galaxy 5 (G5): 3,820 V (tp 6)

Home pages:
KPIX at http://www.kpix.com/
KNBC at http://www.knbc4la.com/home.html
E! Entertainment TV at http://www.eonline.com/welcome.html
MuchMusic at http://www.muchmusic-usa.com/
AMC - American Movie Classics at http://www.amctv.com/
Bravo at http://www.bravotv.com/
IFC - Independent Film Channel at http://www.ifctv.com/
The Gold Channel at http://www.thegolfchannel.com/
Spice at http://www.cyberspice.com/
All News Channel at http://www.allnews.com/
Radio Canada International at http://www.cbc.ca/

---Satellite Launches:
Amos 1 and Palapa C2 were launched with Ariane V86 on 16 May, 01.57 UTC.
For more info about location, technical info and footprints, see the Launch

Next launches:
22 May at 12.36 UTC: Galaxy 9 with Delta
13 June: Intelsat 709 with Ariane V87

Christian Lyngemark      - webmaster@satcodx.com
SATCO DX Satellite Chart - http://www.satcodx.com/

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