SATCO DX 960407

Here is a summary of what has happened at SATCO DX during the last two
weeks, plus information about structural changes in the service.

All ADR (Astra Digital Radio) channels on Astra and Hot Bird 1 are now
listed, as well as all DMX (Digital Music Express) radio channels on Astra.
Even the German DSR (Digital Satellite Radio) package on Kopernikus 3 is
listed. Totally, more than 100 digital radio channels have been added these
two weeks!

The private Lebanese terrestrial channel LBC Sat has tested on Arabsat 1DR:
4,180 V, PAL. 
It will start official transmissions on Monday 8 April at 17.45 UTC (20.45
local time).

Changes on PAS 4:
CCTV 4 International has changed frequency from 3,837 H to 3,865 H
ESPN Asia has moved to 3,848 H, the lower half of CCTV 4 tp
The Discovery Channel has started on 3,790 H

New channels on PAS 3R:
ESPN on 4,109 H, B-MAC
CCTV 4 on 4,180 H

Updates on Intelsat 704:
WorldNet/C-SPAN/Deutsche Welle has changed transponder from 4,177 R to 4,013 R
Discovery Channel switched polarization on 4,164 from L to R (much weaker in
Greece now)

Corrections for Orbit Satellite TV and Radio Network on Intelsat 704: 11,600 V:
This package is transmitting in MPEG-1 and encrypted with Scientific Atlanta
conditional access proprietary system. The chart has an updated list of
included TV channels

Additions on Intelsat 601:
TPA, Angola on 3,800 L
NTA, Nigeria on 4,065 L

Various other news:
RFO on Ekspress 2: 3,825 R
mTh - multiThématiques (trailer) on Astra 1E: 11,817 V (tp 70), MPEG-2
Show TV on Türksat 1B: 11,175 H, Turkish beam
Italia Network 9 on Intelsat 602: 11,511 H
BBC World has ceased on Asiasat 1: 3,940 V and has been replaced by EL TV, India
From 1 April, ATV International is on Türksat 1B: 10,967 V, in Turkish
(European beam)
Saudi TV ceased on Gorizont 26: 11,525 R in middle of March
Muslim TV Ahmadiyya has started on Intelsat 603: 11,007 V, PAL, European beam
Wetter+Reise TV on Kopernikus 3: 11,675 H has begun with test transmissions
RTP Internacional has left Gorizont 31: 3,925 R

More home pages for various channels:
Radio Finland on Eutelsat II f1 at http://www.yle.fi/fbc/
TV Polonia on Hot Bird 1 at http://www.tvp.com.pl/ (incl. parts of their
teletext sce.)
Radio Nederland on Astra 1C at http://www.rnw.nl/
Sky Radio on Astra 1A at http://www.euro.net/skyradio/
France Info, France Inter and France Culture Europe on Hot Bird 1 have a
common home page at http://www.iway.fr/radio-france/html/rf_les_chaines.html

Digital TV updates:
AB Channel 1 on Hot Bird 1: 12,521 H has ceased analog transmissions
AB Sat DStv has started on Eutelsat II f1: 12,521 H, MPEG-2
Viacom package is on Hot Bird 1: 11,242 V, MPEG-2
RTL on Eutelsat II f1: 11,596 H has changed from PAL to MPEG-2
Pro TV, Romania is on Eutelsat II f1: 12,576 H, MPEG-2
CNN International has started on Hot Bird 1: 11,283 V, MPEG-2

Other news:
MCM Euromusique on Hot Bird 1 now has a teletext servic

B5 Aktuell on Astra 1C: 11,141 H can be heard live on Internet on

Some of S band channels have been added on various Insat satellites and
Arabsat 1C
(These channels are treated as C band channels in the chart indexes)

Remember than all these updates are sent in from contributors all over the
Anyone can contribute to the chart by sending a mail to lynge@sat-city.com.

Structural changes:

The Questions & Answers section has ceased! All current answers will be
removed in two weeks. The main purpose of SATCO DX Satellite Chart is to
give a accurate, updated and as good charts as possible, and not keeping an
Q&A service. However, there are plans to add functions/items that
interactively will answer many of the questions that has been published over
the months. Keep reading these mails for more info about when and if it will
start and how it will work.

A new item has started today; "Comments about the service". All comments
will be published for everyone to read. If you have any suggestions about
improvements, you can send in them too.

All pages now have white background, and smaller letters to get space for
more information about each transponder. In connection to this, there is now
beam data for (almost) all satellites that have more than one beam. By
clicking on the beams on Eutelsat II f1/Hot Bird 1, you even get Eutelsat's
official footprint map for that beam! More footprints will hopefully be
added when available.

The links to home pages of Eutelsat, Intelsat, Hispasat and Tele-X have been
moved from the header to the bottom of the pages. This is in preparation to
get room for more related links.

For those of you using Java capable browsers, here is more good news! 
When something special will or have happened on a satellite, I will put a
rolling text in the bottom on that specific page. Tonight, I have added such
info on Arabsat 1DR at 20E, to remind you about the start of LBC Sat (which
I got as a contribution, thanks!). All recently updated info will still be
on the Update page, but the important ones will be on the specific satellite
pages as well.

Best Regards,
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