SATCO DX week 12

Welcome to the first mail in SATCO DX Mailing list!

This mailing list is supposed to give you regular and brief info about
recent important updates at SATCO DX. I plan to send regular mails (almost)
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new satellites or new features.

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Since this is the first mail, I will cover the last two weeks updates:

Telepiu DStv on Eutelsat II f1: 12,542 V, MPEG-2
The package includes: T+1 Movies, T+2 Sports, T+3, Cartoon Network, MTV
Europe, The Discovery Channel and CNN International (clear).

FilmNet Multichoice DStv on Astra 1E: 11,954 H and 12,012 V, MPEG-2.
The package includes: FilmNet 1 (Nordic), FilmNet 2 (Nordic), SuperSport
(Nordic) (clear), Hallmark Entertainment (Nordic) (clear), TV Norge, Kanal
Fem, FilmNet Benelux, SuperSport (Belgium), SuperSport (Holland), Hallmark
Entertainment (Benelux) (clear), SBS 6 (clear) and VT 4. There are also 12
DMX radio channels in the package.

Since 960314, Eutelsat has a web site at http://www.eutelsat.org/.
-Comprehensive list of channels, sorted by theme, orbital position and country
-Possibility to calculate dish size (for each channel and town!)
-General information about Eutelsat
-Press releases and much more

Updates on PAS 4:
ART 1 has left 11,653 H
BBC World has started on 4,160 H
JAIN Satellite TV on 4,153 has changed to vertical polarization

Other updates:
SSVC has left TDRS 4 at 41E
ESPN has started on PAS 1: 11,676 H, B-MAC
The Hungarian music channel Top TV on Kopernikus 2 has ceased transmissions
mTh - multiThématiques (trailer) has started on Astra 1D: 10,847 V, PAL

960316-17, The Indonesian satellite Palapa C1 replaced Palapa B2P at 113E

Home pages for the following channels have been added:
Euro D (x-Kanal D), Italian Canale 5, French speaking TV 5, drdish@tv, BBC
radio channels, SWF 3, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, Deutschlandfunk and

If you have any questions or comments about SATCO DX, please send a mail to
me at lynge@sat-city.com

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