Sat-UK-News #271 31.07.98: More digital stuff

Sat-UK-News Report #271:
- More digital stuff on Astra 1D
- Thor 3 reception report
Friday 31.07.98
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And now the news:

---------- More digital stuff on Astra 1D
 As Sky further gears up to its September launch, more channels are
joining the group on Astra 1D. AstraVision has left 11.817 V, having
been replaced by the expected UK TV package. Included in this package
are UK Gold, UK Horizons, UK Arena and the UK TV Preview Channel, which
is showing just UK Style. There are two more free spaces on this
channels which will probably be used for UK TV's two new channels: UK
Gold 2 (more of the same) and UK FM (a new music channel). At present,
all four channels are in the clear, so non-cable viewers, get yer dishes
 In addition, Flextech have finally taken up their transponder on 11.740
V. There are currently four channels from Flextech here: Living,
Challenge TV, Trouble and Bravo. All four channels are encrypted though,
so no such luck for anyone without a Sky box. This leaves only one
transponder yet to be used: 12.012 V, although 11.992 H, which is
currently be used for the Sky test card in PAL, will have to be changed
over soon.
 More channels which are set to join the digital revolution oat 28.2E
include, from Sky, Sky Sports News - a 24-hour dedicated sports news
channel - and Manchester United Television (you'll forgive me if I don't
cheer - where's AVTV?!). Other coming channels include the new "God
Network", which will include a multiplex of up to eight Christian
channels, including our favourite CCE, as well as the Christian
Children's Channel, the Christian Shopping Channel and the Christian
Music Channel!

---------- Thor 3 reception report
 "Thor3 carriers have varied from poor to excellent in Wirral with 90cm
 - Alan

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