Sat-UK-News #268 02.01.98: NBC Europe

Sat-UK-News Report #268:
- NBC Europe now only for Germany
Thursday 02.01.98
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And now the news:

---------- NBC Europe now only for Germany
 As expected, NBC Europe has made the transition from useless to
nothingness. The European version of the US terrestrial broadcaster was
continually scoring low ratings in the United Kingdom, and at midnight
on June 30th was shut down. Instead, the channel's old frequency (10.987
H) is now being used to transmit CNBC Europe (05.00-11.00) and the
National Geographic Channel (11.00-05.00). This combination is expected
to be available on Astra 1E, 10.744 H, soon too. Meanwhile, NBC Europe
will continue to broadcast on German cable networks, using the digital
feed on Eutelsat II-F1, 11.020 V.
 So this means that CNBC Europe is now getting even more coverage. It is
currently available at varying times on nine* different transponders,
two at 19.2E and two at 13E. However, in a move of "consolidation",
CNBC Europe will concentrate all of its broadcasts on only one frequency
in the near future. This will be on Astra 1E, 10.729 V, where CNBC
Europe currently broadcasts 24 hours a day. This means that the channel
will be leaving its current slot on HotBird 1, 11.265 H, although no
date has yet been planned.

 * Yes nine - I think! Four in PAL: two on Astra, one on Eutel II-F1 and
one on HotBird 1; One in D2-MAC on Sirius 2; Four in MPEG-2 on Astra 1F
(DF-1), Astra 1D (Sky), Sirius 2 (Telia Kabel) and Intelsat 707 (Canal

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