Sat-UK #265 20.06.98: Sky Digital

Sat-UK-News Report #265:
- Sky Digital getting ready
Saturday 20.06.98
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And now the news:

---------- Sky Digital getting ready
 Most channels have now stopped testing in the Sky Digital package on Astra 1D at 28.2 east. They
have now been replaced by a Sky test card and the usual catchy Sky music. It seems Sky are now
gearing up to start their package. I'm guessing it will probably be a July 1st start date, but
that's not certain. It seems also that Sky are dedicating individual channels for stations such as
Nickelodeon and Paramount, which broadcast consecutively. Although Nickelodeon will presumably still
end at 5pm, and Paramount will start at 5pm, they will each have their own channel slots!
Interesting... It's interesting to see that a few more channels have been added to the EPG. These
include Sky Screen 1C, Sky Screen 2B, PPV Event, Sky Travel, Discovery and Animal Planet. Good Life
has been changed to Breeze, and The Box seems to be a 24-hour channel - great!
 More information on Sky Digital will be provided when necessary. Until then, let me leave this
message. To anyone at Sky who is reading this (and I know you are), I have been a loyal Sky
subscriber for yonks now. Yes, we all know Sky are a bit pricey - that's not in dispute - but they
do provide a good choice of programming. I imagine that choice can only expand in the digital
package, and I would love to subscribe to it myself. Unfortunately, I already have a digital
receiver (Nokia 9600S) and I don't intend to spend hundreds of quid to get another just to watch
Sky. If Sky decide to bring out a Videoguard CAM, I'll probably snatch it up immediately - until
then, this is one subscriber who won't be moving to digital. There are probably dozens of digital
receiver owners out there who will now have to fork out loads of dosh to get another piece of
equipment if they want Sky. I personally doubt that many will, but we'll have to wait and see.

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