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Sat-UK-News Report #263:
- Sky Two to return
- Reception report
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Thursday 11.06.98
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And now the news:

Sorry this report is going out rather late tonight. I'm quite busy at
the moment due to various things so I haven't had much time to get down
and work.

---------- Sky Two to return
 Sky Two is coming back. The entertainment channel, designed as an
add-on to Sky One, was scrapped a while back due to continually low
ratings - not surprising - all they showed was the shows Sky One didn't
want! Sky Two will resume it's old slot on Astra transponder 7 (11.303
H), broadcasting in the evenings after the Fox Kids Network from around
July 1st, from which time the National Geographic Channel will have
moved to transponder 51 (10.744 H), the old home of CMT Europe. National
Geographic Channel will be a 24-hour multi-themed channel, designed to
take over from NBC Europe, and will also be broadcast on Eutelsat II-F1
/ HotBird 5 (pending successful launch).
 Sky Two will feature a broad range of programming, including: some of
the movie previews and magazines currently shown on Sky Movies Screen 1
& 2; baseball from the U.S.; more Sky One alternatives and other
repeats; a news programme called 'Sky Live'; erotic entertainment on
Saturday and Tuesday nights! The channel will soon also be available on
Télécom 2A in D2-MAC for ex-patriots living in France, although this
launch is expected sometime in the winter.

---------- Reception report
 "Nilesat 7W Pal  clean but source unsure on what freq. to use for audio
& digits OK on 1.8M.  Limited Sparklies on Pal but digits in trouble on
95cm. Is the poor frequency response on Sky digital test card at 28E a
sign of things to come-- compared with "d" box testcards at 1W and
 A. 1.8M Channel Master, HtoH,Grundig twin .7 Universal, manual inclined
orbit tracking + second LNB customised for Thor 1
and Pace MSS508. Nokia 9200. dbox.
 B. 95cm motorised + Grundig twin .7 univ. and Pace Mss 1008.
(Ken Hodges, South Birmingham UK)

[lucky bugger, with all that stuff! You didn't just quote all that to
impress us did you? ;-)]

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I hope you don't miss the site too much!  Dom.

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