Sat-UK-News #257 29.05.98: No PPV Premiership

Sat-UK-News Report #257:
- Bosses say no PPV soccer
- Reception reports and channel changes
Friday 29.05.98
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And now the news:

---------- Bosses say no PPV soccer
 Premiership club bosses have voted against allowing Premiership games
to be broadcast in a PPV service in the Sky package next season. Sky had
been planning to move three more games to Sunday giving people the
option of four pay-per-view games to watch. However, this has been
overruled and the games next season will proceed as planned. Futher to
this sports news, a new channel from Sky Sports is supposedly planned
for the Sky Digital package. Entitled Sky Sports News, it will provide
extensive sports news coverage.

---------- Reception reports and channel changes
 Digital TV continues to march forwards as Sky perform yet more
experiments in their package on Astra 1D. Meanwhile, RAI has taken
advantage of ANN's vacated transponder on HotBird 1, 11.722 V, and has
begun another digital package, currently only containing two test cards,
one 4:3 and one 16:9. Both have either radio sound or audio from one of
the RAI channels - I'm not sure which. Now that MPEG-2 multi-plexing is
becoming more popular, single-channel broadcasts are declining somewhat.
The latest victim of this purge is Knowledge TV International, which, as
planned, has left 11.687 H on Orion 1. It should also leave 11.554 H
soon too, but when I last look it was still there. Anyway, enough with
the trivia. Here's a couple of reception reports for TV3 Sweden on
Sirius 2:

"I can get TV3 Sweden on Sirius II with no picture problems at all  -
it's better than Kanal Fem and TV8."
1 metre Channel master dish, Blackburn, Lancashire

"Tv3 coming though slightly stronger than Sci-Fi which is just lockable
to non existant depending on the time of day."
Wirral with 90cm gregorian, 0.6 universal, MSS508 and CTU900. 

You'll notice that the reception quality differs throughout the country.
Generally, as is the trend with Nordic footprints, reception is better
not in the south but in the north. Thus, the required dish size in the
south is usually larger than in the north. Hence the reason I can't lock
onto the D2-MAC channels here in Birmingham with a 1m dish, but 'Lee'
can get it perfectly in Lancashire with the same size dish. (But of
course, you all knew that!)

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