Sat-UK-News #232 11.04.98: HotBird 3/4 Dig., EuroSport 2?

Sat-UK-News Report #232:
- Digital changes on HotBird
- EuroSport to launch second channel?
saturday 11th april 1998
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And now the news:

---------- Digital changes on HotBird
 A quick update report for all you digital viewers. TPS - Télévision par
Satellite has ceased its package on HotBird 3, 12.149 V, after having
moved to HotBird 4. Also on HotBird 3, you can now watch TV Polonia and
the Thai TV5 Global Network free as part of the Telespazio package on
12.111 V. The big news, though is this: Eutelsat has begun its own
digital package on HotBird 4, 12.673 V, consisting of the new HotBird
Channel (no - this isn't a new soft-porn channel!) which will broadcast
digital experiments in cooperation with the Italian Telespazio. It is
currently transmitting Italian adverts. Here's that new package in full:
12.673 V     SR 27500 FEC 3/4  Free-to-air    EUTELSAT
RB Internet data 4     (no pic, no sound, data - unlisted)
THAICOM (Thai TV5 GN)  (pic, sound, data - listed)
Hot Bird Channel       (pic, sound, data - listed)
Internet data 1        (no pic, no sound, data - unlisted)

---------- EuroSport to launch second channel?
(source: Sat-Corfu)
 Our very popular sports channel Eurosport not only is doing well, but
also has plans for a second one. Eurosport 2 will probably be born on
September and it will focus mainly on youngsters with more extreme and
motor sports in its menu. It will probably join one of the French
digital bouquets (TPS - Canal Satellite), but it is not yet known if it
will be in the multilanguage format or it will operate on a PPV basis.
TPS is also focusing on Sports , with the launch of Superfoot '98. This
channel will deal with the World Cup'98 held in France this summer.
Completing the list of sports channels offered by TPS is Infosport which
will launch this summer and it will provide sports news. 

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