Sat-UK-News #222 25.03.98: Cine Cinemas, Cine Cinefil

Sat-UK-News Report #222:
- The Cinéma's back on Télécom
wednesday 25th march 1998
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And now the news:

Well, I got the trees cut. My reception of Astra 1D is now PERFECT...
well, until the branches grow too long again! :-)

---------- The Cinéma's back on Télécom
 Ciné Cinémas is back on Télécom 2A in D2-MAC, after a long time away,
and this time she's brought a friend...
 C. Cinémas left Télécom 2A a while ago along with France Supervision,
in a hope to boost the urge for digital receivers. It appears that that
effort has failed, as C. Cinémas is back again on 12.690 V in D2-MAC,
stereo sound. What's strange is that 12.606 V, where France Supervision
was broadcasting until its departure, has been snapped up by C. Cinémas'
sister channel, Ciné Cinéfil, also in D2-MAC with stereo sound. Both
channels encrypted with eurocrypt, and are also available on Télécom 2C
at 3 degrees east. For widescreen users - back luck - the channels on
Télécom 2A are the 4:3 versions. Sorry!

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