Sat-UK-News #210 11.03.98: Battle at 28 east

Sat-UK-News Report #210:
- Battle at 28 east
- Eros to go too?
wednesday 11th march 1998
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And now the news:

---------- Battle at 28 east
 Well, it's now underway. Who will the 28.2 degrees east slot go to?
Astra 1D and HotBird 4 have BOTH stopped at this position, which is just
0.3 degrees off the current occupant, DFS Kopernikus 2. Both satellites
are still performing tests and neither satellite clashes, so Astra WILL
be able to commence transmissions whenever they see fit.
 Eutelsat are claiming that the 28.2 degrees east slot belongs to them.
They have used the slot previously for test transmissions, which they
claim qualified as proper broadcasts, thus laying claim to the orbital
position. Astra, however, are also claiming the space and were
originally planning to place Astra 2A there, but this was prevented by a
launcher failure on a previous satellite and subsequent delay for tests.
SES decided to move Astra 1D quickly to 28.2 degrees east in order that
Sky might begin their digital TV on time. SES have also promised
Deutsche Telekom that upon the launch of Astra 2B, transponders will be
provided to replace the ageing DFS Kopernikus 2 satellite.
 So who will triumph? It's not for me to say, but I think, if the ITU
doesn't intervene, it's pretty obvious who's gonna get the slot...

---------- Eros to go too?
 Another proscription may well be on the way. Culture Minister Chris
Smith will soon receive the cassettes of taped material from the latest
European porn channel, Eros TV, run by an American entertainment
company. He will have to personally watch the material in detail and
decide on its suitability for broadcast in Britain. If it is judged to
be degrading or distasteful, Eros will be completely banned in the UK.
Of course, we've seen it happen so many times before, with Erotic TV,
Red Hot Dutch, Rendez-Vous, et cetera... Despite the ban, cards will
undoubtedly still be available although PURCHASE or SALE of a card (not
necessarily possession) will be illegal.

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