Sat-UK #159 28.11.97: TALENT CHANNEL - ASTRA 1G

Sat-UK Report #159:
- Talent Channel to cease broadcasting
- Astra 1G launch coming up soon
friday 28th november 1997
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And now the news:

---------- Talent Channel to cease broadcasting
(source: Satellite TV Europe)

Public access TV channel, The Talent Channel, broadcast on UK Living's
transponder from 04.00 to 06.00, will cease transmissions at either the
end of this month, or at the end of December. The ratings for this
channel were simply not coming up to scratch. Expected to replaced the
Talent Channel is Gay TV, which may get underway from January and
broadcast from 04.00 to 05.30. It will be put into a seperate TV package
from TVX, and is expected to be subscription.

---------- Astra 1G launch coming up soon
(source: SATCO DX)

Astra 1G is soon to be launched on board Proton. The launch window is
23:10-23:20 UTC on December 2nd, and live launch coverage will be on
multiple satellites. C-Band users will be able to catch the launch on
Télécom 2B on 3,768 R, whilst d-box owners can see the event on Astra
1F: 12,168 V (VPID: V00A8). However, most people will probably watch the
launch on Astra 1C, 11,068 V, where AstraVision is currently
broadcasting. SES will broadcast the launch live and direct here on

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