Sat-UK #148 09.11.97: RDV/EUROTICA - SIRIUS 2

Sat-UK Report #148:
- Rendez-Vous Eurotica back in the sin bin?
- Sirius 2 launch tomorrow night
sunday 9th november 1997
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And now the news:

---------- Rendez-Vous Eurotica back in the sin bin?

Rendez-Vous Eurotica, the European hardcore porn channel, could very
well soon be re-proscribed. The channel, which is a joint venture
between Eurotica and previously banned Rendez-Vous, is showing material
whose content has been branded distasteful and indecent, and
unnacceptable in the United Kingdom. If the re-proscription does go
ahead as planned, the purchase and sale of viewing cards and any
advertisements relating to the company will be outlawed. The
proscription will probably coincide with RDV/Eurotica's departure from
HotBird 2 - its future thereafter is still unknown.

---------- Sirius 2 launch tomorrow night

Sirius 2 will hopefully launch tomorrow night, if all goes well. The
satellite is set to be launched on board Ariane V102, with a launch
window of 21:48-22:33 UTC. Coverage will able available on Tele-X
(12,605 L - MPEG-2) and Telecom 2C (sorry - frequency unknown). Sirius 2
will provide a mass of programming for Europe, with 13 transponders on
beams aimed at Scandinavia and Europe, as well as 6 transponders just
for Central Europe. It will be positioned at 5,2 degrees east with
Sirius, and will replaced the aging Tele-X craft, which will probably be
relocated for an inclined orbit.
Other upcoming launches include Astra 1G, which is scheduled to launch
on November 24 - for those planning ahead, the launch window is from
23:10-23:20 UTC. It will launch on board Proton. Astra 2A is then the
next bird in line, to be launched in January of 1998, again on board
Proton. All upcoming launches can of course be seen at the website at
http://www.sat-net.com/sat-uk/launches.html .

PanAmSat 3R listings now added to the charts!

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