Sat-UK #145 04.11.97: ASTRAVISION '97

Sat-UK Report #145:
- AstraVision '97 starts on Astra 1C
tuesday 4th november 1997
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And now the news:

---------- AstraVision '97 starts on Astra 1C

The announcement by Astra on 11,068 V, proclaiming that Hessen Fernsehen
will start there on January 1st, has today been replaced by the Astra
video channel, entitled AstraVision '97. What distinguishes this channel
from the familiar AstraVision '96, is that this one features mainly
digital information, whereas AstraVision '96 features a lot of analogue
stuff. Unsurprisingly, the newer video is not available in English
(there are currently no official English digital packages). It is in
German, Spanish, Dutch and French; speakers of any (or all) of these
should be able to get the gist. Meanwhile, yesterday the announcement on
11,656 V for ORB was temporarily replaced by colour bars, but is back
again today. And is it just me, or has Astra reception gotten rather
patchy lately?

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