Sat-UK Internal - Chart changes


Today I have added Intelsat 601 to the charts again - it is operating at
34,5 degrees west. Intelsat 603 is also still functioning here, but only
in the C-Band, and only for feeds. It's listings have therefore been
removed from the charts. It will now be accordingly moved to 24,5
degrees west to replace Intelsat 605, which will now be moved to 31,5
degrees west (not to be given listings). Intelsat 515 at 21,5 degrees
west will soon be moved to 29,5 degrees west, inclined, and used only in
the c-band - it will certainly not be given listings!

Anyway, that's just to let you all know what's going on at the website.
The Sat-UK-Tab charts will of course be updated with the changes for
Intelsat 603/601. You won't be getting 603 any more - only 601. All of
603's Ku-Band (including MTA International and the Orbit Network) have
been transferred to 601.

As soon as I have got the listings for Sirius 2, I will add them to the
charts at Sat-UK Web. I have not yet been able to acquire the
transponder frequencies - if anyone has them, I would be very grateful
if they could send them to me. The same also applies to Astra 1G which
will be launched soon too. I still have the listings for HotBird 4 up
there - if any Sat-UK-Tab subscribers want them on the list, just say

You will also notice that the frequency charts have been reduced in
terms of font size - this is to fit as many satellites as possible on
one page - it looks much better with the Arial, 10 font than with the
standard Times New Roman, 12 font, but that's up to you.

In addition, a new mailing list from Sat-UK, called Sat-UK-Club, will
hopefully begin in the next few days. This will be a discussion group
for all subjects concerning satellite TV in Europe and the UK.
Subscribers will be able to submit queries and topics to the mailing
list, which everyone will be able to read. Hopefully, it will be a good
alternative to the newsgroups for anyone who wishes to get on and off
the net quickly. More info soon...

The charts are accessible from
http://www.sat-net.com/sat-uk/sats/sats.html . Thanx for reading.


Dominic Sedghi, Sat-UK

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