Sat-UK #140 28.10.97 - UK LIVING - SCREENSHOP - RTL 9

Sat-UK Report #140:
- UK Living gets a facelift
- ScreenShop gives way to UKTV
- RTL 9 follows the trend on 2B
tuesday 28th october 1997
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And now the news:

---------- UK Living gets a facelift

UK Living has finally changed it image which the satellite viewing
population has been awaiting for a while. The channel is now called
Living, and has a new logotype. The old logotype has been retained on
the website to avoid confusion.

---------- ScreenShop gives way to UKTV

ScreenShop has been replaced on transponder 56 (Astra) by a UKTV
promotional, stating that the new channels UK Style, UK Horizons and UK
Arena will soon join UK Gold. UKTV has been looking for a long time for
space on Astra to carry at least one of these, probably UK Style. It
looks like this might be the place it will appear....

---------- RTL 9 follows the trend on 2B

RTL 9 has ceased video transmissions on Telecom 2B, like RTL-TVi and
LCI. There is now just a test card there in PAL/clear, although the
audio for RTL 9 is still available in both mono and stereo... It should
not be long before TMC also goes, and maybe also the clear channels...

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