Sat-UK #138a 26.10.97: BBC WORLD - CANAL+ - C-SPAN

Sat-UK Report #138a (extra):
- BBC World follows the logo trend
- Canal Plus Spain on Hispasat 1A/1B
- C-SPAN returns to Orion F1
sunday 26th october 1997
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And now the news:

---------- BBC World follows the logo trend

BBC World has followed the example of the terrestrial television and
radio channels and has changed its logo to the new black and white
squares. Strangely enough, BBC Prime has not changed its logotype to fit
the changes. It is probable that if it does, it will do so when it
leaves Intelsat 803 and is only available on Intelsat 707. And for those
of you who are desperate to see the new BBC World logo, it is available
on the Eutelsat II-F1 chart at
http://www.sat-net.com/sat-uk/sats/eutel2f1.html . Alternatively, take a
look at my reconstruction below :) :

|---| |---| |---|
| B | | B | | C | W O R L D
|---| |---| |---|

---------- Canal Plus Spain on Hispasat 1A/1B

Canal Plus Spain has started simulcast of its existing channel feed on
Hispasat 1A/1B. The channel is now also broadcasting on 12,671 H in
PAL/nagravision/syster. There is a teletext service there, the same as
on 12,711 H, called TXT C+. This, like Canal Plus' other channel on
Hispasat 1A/1B, and the other channels (Antena 3) and Tele 5, is a feed
for the terrestrial transmitters in Spain. The channels are not intended
for the satellite user audience, and are so encrypted using strange
methods so that the public cannot access them. Just look at Canal Plus
on 12,711 H! It's encrypted firstly in nagravision, with syster sound
encryption, then it's further encrypted in videocrypt, using a hybrid
form of both VC1 and VC2, so that only the transmitter stations in Spain
can decode it!

---------- C-SPAN returns to Orion F1

C-SPAN, the American Senate channel, has returned to Orion F1 (or had it
never left?). It is available on 12,585 V in PAL/clear. This is in
itself quite strange, as most channels on Orion F1 transmit in digital.
What's more, C-SPAN only broadcasts for two or three hours a day, but
would seem not to be composed of feeds; it is thus classified by most
magazines and listings as a channel. C-SPAN did use to broadcast here
daily at around 19.00, but recently it took a short break. C-SPAN shows
mainly programs from the US Senate and Congress, and is available in
RealVideo at
http://ramhurl.real.com/cgi-bin/ramhurl.cgi?ram=tc-cspan-live1.rm .

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