Sat-UK #131 17.10.97: BSKYB PPV

Sat-UK Report #131:
- U.K. Cable, BSkyB Move Toward More Pay-Per-View
friday 17th obtober 1997
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And now the news:

---------- U.K. Cable, BSkyB Move Toward More Pay-Per-View
(source: UK Satellite Control. News information copyright (c) 1996-1997
UK SATELLITE. Neil Anthony Powell. All rights reserved.)

Four U.K.-based cable companies are close to securing a deal leaked
weeks ago concerning pay-per-view movie rights with Warner Bros. studio.
However, rival British Sky Broadcasting is also reportedly in talks with
the Time Warner unit concerning its own effort to score a deal for
pay-per-view movies. The four cable companies - Telewest, NTL , General
Cable and Diamond - plan to launch a pay-per-view service around the end
of the year and expand the service when they go digital later in 1998.
An agreement with the studio was aimed to thwart BSkyB and its
domination of pay television services in the United Kingdom. Also, Cable
& Wireless Communications, the largest cable firm in the United Kingdom,
has yet to decide whether to join forces with
its cable rivals or adopt the BSkyB service. 

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