Sat-UK #126 12.10.97: CANAL 24H - BBC PRIME - TDF

Sat-UK Report #126:
- TVE Canal 24 Horas on Eutelsat II-F1
- BBC Prime to leave Intelsat 803 soon
- TDF testing at 29 degrees east
- CMT Europe now in the clear on 803
sunday 12th october 1997
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And now the news:

---------- TVE Canal 24 Horas on Eutelsat II-F1

The test card on 11,658 V which recently appeared has now been replaced
by TVE's Canal 24 Horas Internacional. The channel is a 24-hour news and
information channel, similar to CNN International or Sky News. Canal 24
Horas is currently available in the Via Digital package at 30 degrees
west in MPEG-2.

---------- BBC Prime to leave Intelsat 803 soon
(source: BBC Prime teletext)

BBC Prime, the general entertainment channel for Europe, provided by the
BBC, will leave its long-used transponder at 27,5 degrees west. The
channel took up this transponder a long time ago on the Intelsat 601
satellites, and has recently has to switch over to Intelsat 803 during
the change. However, the channel has stated that it will leave this
position on October 31st, and only be available on Intelsat 707. CTV
subscribers should have been sent a new viewing card and are advised to
re-align their dishes as soon as possible. Cable subscribers will be

---------- TDF testing at 29 degrees east
(source: SATCO DX)

TDF 2, which was recently acquired from France Telecom by Eutelsat and
which is scheduled to be positioned at 36 degrees east, has been
recently sighted performing tests as 29 degrees east. The satellite has
been given a new Russian footprint by Eutelsat, is to be used for
Russian television programmes. The footprint will be much to weak for
most dish owners in Britain, but there's no harm in trying if you're
enthusiastic. A promotional video was seen on 11,804 R, stating a
performance evaluation.

---------- CMT now in the clear on 803

Country Music Television Europe is once again in the clear on Intelsat
803. This has already happened once before, and was put down to a fault
at CMT's headquarters. However, with the impending departure of BBC
Prime from this satellite, perhaps CMT Europe is just signalling that it
too will be moving. The only other analogue channel in the Ku Band on
this satellite is SIS, which is broadcast in BMAC. This is already
available elsewhere in digital, so perhaps this will be leaving soon

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