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Sat-UK Report #117:
- AstraVision back on Astra 1D
- Sky Barker Channel leaves tp 57
- Fashion TV on Eutelsat II-F1
- TVC finally leaves Hispasat
- MTV goes soft
- Astra Britain's favourite system
thursday 2nd october 1997
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And now the news:

---------- AstraVision back on Astra 1D

AstraVision ('96) has returned to Astra 1D, on 10,818 V (tp 56), where
the old DF 1 package was broadcasting. The continually running video is
still the old version, excluding most of the digital information. It is
available in English, German, French and Spanish. The future for this
transponder is still unknown - perhaps it will be taken by Sky for one
of Flextech's new UK **** channels?

---------- Sky Barker Channel leaves tp 57

The Sky Barker Channel, which has recently appeared on transponder 57,
in order to effect TAC - The Adult Channel card tests, has left this
transponder. The older MPEG-2 symbol seems to have returned - this was
previously a Sky News test for Sky's upcoming digital package on Astra
2A, BIB.

---------- TVC finally leaves Hispasat

TVC - Televisio de Catalunya, has finally left Hispasat 1A/1B. It
previously broadcast from 12,671 V, but has recently appeared in the new
Via Digital package. Its former frequency had already been taken by the
Via Digital Promocanal, and is also now used for occasional feeds. On
the same satellite, Futbol Mundial has started in PAL/nagravision on
Cinemania's old frequency, 12,303 L. It is now also available in the CSD
package on Astra.

---------- MTV goes soft

MTV UK on Astra 1A has recently started to used soft videocrypt 1
encryption. Suggestions are that the channels viewing figures have
decreased dramatically, thus the need to use this new soft encryption.
Indeed, many people on the Internet and here in Britain have expressed
disappointment at the loss of MTV Europe to this new UK-targetted

---------- Astra Britain's favourite system
(source: UK Satellite Control. News information copyright (c) 1996-1997
UK SATELLITE. Neil Anthony Powell. All rights reserved.)

Figures from the latest wave of Astra research are released. They show
Astra is now received in 6.53 million DTH, SMATV anc cable homes across
the British isles. A huge 98.5% of all multi-channel households and an
overall increase of almost 450,000 homes in the first six months of
1997. On average, 26.3% of all TV homes in Britain now enjoy broadcasts
via Astra, though there are small regional variations. In London 28.4%
of homes have multi-channel entertainment while in Scotland only 21.4%
of homes have  satellite. According to Continental Research, 980,000
households, which currently only receive Terrestrial Channels, intend to
purchase a dish. An increase of 100,000 more homes than at this time
last year. An encouraging start to the season.
ASTRA 1D penetration is also steadily rising. 74.4% of UK satellite
homes can now receive broadcasts from Astra 1D. Plus 40% of satellite
households choose to receive channel 5 via Astra rather than
terrestrialy. Viewing figures for the combined Astra channels are also
bouyant. in the BARB figures the total Astra viewing share at 35.5% was
higher than either the total BBC or total commercial terrestrial TV.

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