Sat-UK #114 29.09.97: FASHION TV - FREEDOM FM

Sat-UK Report #114:
- Fashion TV back on HotBird 2
- Freedom FM gone from Astra 1D
- More info on the new German channels
- Canal Clasico gone again
monday september 29th 1997
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And now the news:

---------- Fashion TV back on HotBird 2

Fashion TV has found its way back onto HotBird 2, replacing the formerly
occasional channel, ANN - Arabic News Network. ANN recently ceased
analogue transmissions and was replaced by a test card carrying the new
ANN logo. Presumably, it will either reappear here and share the
transponder with Fashion TV, or else pop up in one of the French digital
Fashion TV has been on and off HotBird 2 in analogue, and is already
available digitally. It is a French channel showing nothing but fashion
and style - so far, all I've seen is models walking up and down a

---------- Freedom FM gone from Astra 1D

According to reports, Freedom FM has vanished from Astra 1D. The former
all-night radio channel used to broadcast gay/lesbian programming,
sharing the same frequency on transponder 50 as CMR - Country Music
Radio (transponder 51 is that of CNBC Europe). It is not yet known if
CMR has extended its broadcasting hours, or whether it still transmits
from 06.00 to 00.00 UK time.

---------- More info on the new German channels

Thanks go to a Sat-UK subscribers and web user for giving me this
information concerning the forthcoming German channels, which will make
use of the current Sogecable transponders at the beginning of next year.
Cinemania on transponder 30 will be replaced by ORB 3 (Fernsehen
Brandenburg). On transponder 32, current home of Sportmania, we will see
the appearance of a new educational channel, called Der Bildungskanal.
Transponder 36 will wave goodbye to Minimax and Documania, and welcome
Phoenix, which will presumably move from Astra 1D. And finally, Cine
Classics will vacate transponder 40 to allow Hessen Fernsehen to shows
The aforementioned Sogecable channels are all already available
digitally through both CSD - Canal Satelite Digital, and Via Digital, on
Astra 1E/1F and Hispasat 1A/1B respectively.

---------- Canal Clasico gone again

The title says it all - Canal Clasico has again left Hispasat 1A/1B,
12,226 L. The test card is still there, but without the logotype and
channel name. The radio channels are also still there. This comes as no
surprise, after Antena 3, Telesat 5, Cinemania and TeleDeporte have
already gone and are now only available digitally. Canal Clasico should
leave any time now. Also scheduled to leave is TVC - Televisio de
Catalunya, a regional channel in Spain which is currently available
digitally alongside the other regional channels, including Andalucia TV,
TVG - Television de Galicia, and Canal Comunitat Valencia.

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