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Report #98
1st september 1997
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And now the news:

---------- CHANNELS GONE
Sadness for many people today and an array of channels have been
withdrawn from satellite television completely. September 1st has always
been a day notorious for channels changes. Here's just a few:

On Astra, Sky have implemented many changes. Although not confirmed, Sky
2 should be replaced by the National Geographic Channel this evening.
I'll confirm this tomorrow. CCE (The Christian Channel Europe), Sky
Soap, Sky Travel, The History Channel and The Sci-Fi Channel have all
left 11,171 H (tp 47), as Sky Sports 2 expands to an all-day service.
Sky Soap, The History Channel, The Sci-Fi Channel and CCE have all
started broadcasting on 11,568 V (tp 24), whilst Sky Travel has begun on
11,127 V (tp 44), broadcasting after Galavision, alongside Sky Movies
Gold, which has left 10,877 V (tp 60), making way for the Racing
Channel's new extended broadcasting times. Granada Talk TV has also
ceased on 10,862 H (tp 59), with only a memorial card for Princess Diana
being displayed now.

The Nordic scene has also changed considerably: BBC Prime has, as
expected, left its old frequency of 11,133 V on Intelsat 707, as has
Radio 2 Danmark. They can now be received on its new frequency of 11,679
H, formerly occupied by MTV Europe, which itself is now broadcasting
from Thor II. All transmissions of Filmnet have now ceased - the channel
which has been the ultimate Godsend for all British satellite
enthusiasts is now gone. Filmnet 2 Nordic on Thor, 12,015 R has been
replaced by new channel Canal+ Gul; Filmnet 1 on the same satellite,
12,092 R has been replaced by Canal+ Sverige. On Thor II, Filmnet 1
Nordic on 11,261 H has been replaced by Canal+ Danmark, and on 11,291H
has been replaced by Canal+ Norge. All Canal+ channels seem to be using
the same codes as Filmnet 1 Nordic was.

The French have only suffered a minor loss, as LCI - La Chaine Info, has
departed from Telecom 2B, 12,585 H (tp R8). It was previously
broadcasting encrypted in nagravision/syster, but can now only be
received digitally from Astra as a part of the Canal Satellite Numerique
package. A promotional for CSN is now being shown on 12,585 H.

Feeds are still going strong today - Telecom 2D has finally found its
footing as a feeds satellite, and Telecom 2C seems to be being used more
and more for feeds. Viewers who used to enjoy spying on Bundesliga feeds
on Kopernikus 3 are in for some bad luck - the satellite has now gone
100% digital - no analogue transmissions of any kind remain on this

So just to de-confuse you, here's those changes in full:

11,303 H: National Geographic Channel replaced Sky 2
11,568 V: CCE, Sky Soap, History Channel and Sci-Fi Channel begun
11,127 V: Sky Travel and Sky Movies Gold begun
11,171 H: CCE, Sky Soap, History Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, Sky Soap left
10,862 H: Granada Talk TV left
10,877 V: Sky Movies Gold left

11,133 V: BBC Prime and Radio 2 Danmark left

12,015 R: Canal+ Gul replaced Filmnet 2 Nordic
12,092 R: Canal+ Sverige replaced Filmnet 1 Nordic

11,261 H: Canal+ Danmark replaced Filmnet 1 Nordic
11,291 H: Canal+ Norge replaced Filmnet 1 Nordic

12,585 H: CSN Promo replaced LCI

Obviously these won't be all the changes which have occurred - I will
have missed lots or been unable to view them. I'll complete the changes
list tomorrow.

All contents (C) 1997 Dominic Sedghi. All rights reserved.

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