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Report #84
august 4th 1997
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And now the news:

---------- UPDATES
Well I'm back - again. Here's what you've (or perhaps I've) missed:

- CCE (Christian Channel Europe) has started on Astra 11,568 V (tp 24),
in the clear. Sci-Fi, History and Sky Soap are all testing here in
videocrypt 1 - they will officially start on September 1st.
- Sky Travel and Sky Movies Gold are currently testing on 11,127 V (tp
44) - Sky Travel will officially start here on September 1st - why Sky
Movies Gold is here is a mystery. Galavision has cut down its
broadcasting hours to 06-11 UK Time every day.
- Sky Soap, Sky Travel, the History Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel and CCE
will all leave transponder 47 on September 1st. Sky Sports 2 will become
a premium channel alongside Sky Sports 1, and Sky Sports 3 will become a
bonus channel to all subscribers of Sky Sports 1 or Sky Sports 2. Sky
Sports 2 will increase broadcasting hours to over 20 hours per day.
- The National Geographic Channel will replace Sky 2 on tp 7 on
September 1st.
- Filmnet 2 Nordic on Thor will soon be replaced by Canal Plus Gul, and
Filmnet 1 Nordic will soon be replaced by Canal Plus Sverige. This is
due to the new restructuring of Filmnet by Canal Plus, the new owners.
- Simlarly, Canal Plus Danmark will start on Thor II on 11,261 H, and
Canal Plus Norge on Thor II on 11,293 H.
- Sat.1 has left DFS Kopernikus 3 completely.
- What's in Store has been replaced by HSN Direct on 11,553 H (tp 23) on
Astra 1B.

- Intelsat K has been renamed Intelsat Star (!).
- TDF has been bought by Eutelsat, as is now being moved to 36 degrees
east to transmit Russian programming! The satellite should remain in
service until 1999.

As from tomorrow (Tuesday), I shall begin to send satellite listings of
following satellites via the mailing list - they will be sent as
separate mail messages:

MONDAYS - Astra 1A/1B/1C/1D
TUESDAYS - Astra 1E/1F
WEDNESDAYS - Eutelsat HotBird 1/2 and Eutelsat II-F1
THURSDAYS - Intelsat 707, Thor I/II, TV-Sat 2, Tele-X and Sirius
FRIDAYS - Telecom 2A/2B/2C

If you have any objections, please let me know - these mails are likely
to be pretty hefty!

All contents (C) 1997 Dominic Sedghi. All rights reserved.

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